Blue Ribbon Trout Water


The Missouri continued to rage at over 11,000 cfs yesterday so we had to go low. No, not with nymphs, but to the bottom of the cooler where the beer was really really cold.

In fact while others had great success running teeny nymphs about ten feet down, we were stubbornly determined to catch them on top. The Senator spotted a pod of rising fish not long after we put on the river and we literally cast to them for three and a half hours. The currents were funky. We were anchored a little far. And the wind was having its way with us.

We threw a thousand flies at them (ok, perhaps a tinge of hyperbole but it certainly seemed like it!) These fish would not spook, but they really didn’t want much of anything we had to offer. Will everyone please quit telling these Missouri fish they are “blue ribbon trout” because not only is it a pompous and ridiculous term, it has clearly gone to their heads. They were such snobs yesterday! Undeterred, we both did manage to hook up in this pod, but man it was work.


We topped off a fun day on the water with a little nightlife in Craig, where The Senator wowed the crowds at open mic nite.


If these trout act like little blue ribbon divas again today I am going to start dipping all my flies in PBR and force feed them a dose of reality. I realize getting fish drunk is an unconventional strategy, but I think it’s got legs. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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  1. Getting fish drunk is a wonderful idea … assuming you aren’t low on beer.

    What has also worked very well for me in the past is using a frayed cigarette butt as an indicator and using a bit of the PBR can to make some flash wings for the nymphs.

  2. Kaari says:

    Get dirty….dirt snake followed by a ray charles.

  3. Harry says:

    Knew alcohol would enter the picture sooner or later. PBR though? I had you pegged as more of a take advantage of the local brew gal. But hey, if it’s cold and it’s beer that’s all you really need.

    My fav Montana brew-Moose Drool from Big Sky. Their sales revenue must go up everytime I go out there.

  4. Michael says:

    Friends don’t let friends grease their flies in microbrews.

    PBR – Particularly Beneficial on River

  5. Monty Montana says:

    There is a God..ladies I don’t want to be labled a sexist but you’ll just have to sit this one out.

    Gentlemen…please all together now, turn an face South…unzip and salute …the King of funkydowiddle has died…may the children of the world breath a sigh of releaf.

    OOPS of subject a little…let’s get back to fishing.

    Having fun are we FFC….beer and fishing, beer and fishing, what NO WORK?

  6. Joel says:

    Just “discovered” FFC today – love the blog. As a MT native, a long way from home your pictures of the Mo make me want to come home – thanks, I think.

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