The Monster Mash


We did the mash. We did the monster mash.

After a couple of tough days on the Missouri we were prepared for a fun float yesterday, managing expectations and hoping to drag a few up from the bottom of this swollen river. We ventured out late in the afternoon and it didn’t take long for Birthday Bob and the Senator to hook up on nymphs.

I was on the oars and quickly anchored up when we spotted a single rising fish pretty tight to the bank. Bob pulled out his 4-wt which was already rigged up with a dry, a small caddis pattern. After much polite deliberation about who was going to fire away, I somehow got the bid. I didn’t have a very good angle  so I stood up on the rower’s seat and much to my surprise made a few decent drag-free casts…and he ate it.


It really was a team effort to get this fish to the net and as we were celebrating and enjoying the fun of it all, Bob let us know that not only was it his birthday, but that the rod he’d handed me was brand new, never been cast. And he let me break it in with that rainbow!

Luckily I didn’t have to feel gluttonous and guilty for long because this bank caught on in a flash. I eased down and we continued to spot single risers every so often. Using the same rod and the exact same fly, Birthday Bob proceeded to catch these ghoulish hookjaw hefties:



If it aint broke, don’t fix it. So we handed the magic rod with the magic fly to the Senator and started trying to hunt one up for him. We found a few risers that weren’t eating quite as aggresively. Then we spotted another and anchored quickly. He nailed one perfect cast in there and Boom! He got his monster brown:



Like Boris Pickett’s novelty song our dry fly afternoon was an unexpected One Hit Wonder. One rod. One fly. One bank. One wonderful monster mash for Bob’s birthday bash.


We took our celebration back to the Trout Shop Cafe where we recounted the details of our afternoon and shared many more laughs.


And now I have to hit the road for awhile, heading toward Southwest Montana to see what I can find in that neck of the woods. It might be quiet in here for awhile, I’m not sure when I will have computer access again. If you follow  FFC on twitter I will try and send some updates over there as best I can. Until then…..

Catch you on the flipside.

4 Responses to “The Monster Mash”
  1. Awesome fish. Nice work, FFC.

  2. I’m headed for Montana in early July. Leave a few, eh?

  3. Fat Guy Alex says:

    “Pass that winning rod this way!” I love it!

  4. fbeats says:

    these are really very nice and happen to heart like photograph of fish i like it very much thanks for sharing and try to giving more information about fly fish
    thanks very much

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