Caviar & Cocaine

More like Tombstone Pizza and Frog’s Fanny, but hey, I like to weave in a good Charlie Robison lyric when it suits….and this is certainly one of those times. Rolling Stone has been calling. My lawyers are all tied up in slander suits with the tabloids. Paparazzi are hiding in the alley and culling through my trash. It’s been a whirwind.

It all started with a simple trip to the Blackfoot with my mother & Little Chick. While we were there, we met the film crew from Hook TV’s Adventure Guides. Next thing you know I was shanghaied, thrown into their van, whisked back over to the Missouri where I spent the day bantering & fishing with my friends from Headhunters Flyshop while the crew from Adventure Guides filmed us.

Here I am at the Blackfoot with Tim, who is a camera guru, talented director, and all around great guy from Bend Oregon. His company Far From Earth Films is highly legitimate, but I am still always wary of a van. Vans=Creepy. Nevertheless I hopped right in and off we went…


Here I am with my old friend Mark Raisler, aka Squeaky Oar Lock, getting ready for hair & makeup. We had some downtime before filming began so we are busy crafting a joint blogpost which is posted here on the Headhunters site.


For the record, When SOL was interviewing me for the joint post I never heard question #23. I would have actually picked bb cap instead of visor. Hand down. I don’t think I pull off the visor look quite as well as SOL. He definitely has the glow of Hollywood in this shot, don’t you think?


We fished. They filmed. It was a fun evening on the water.



Old friends, new friends, big rainbows, new experience. It was fun. I hear the host John Dietsch and crew members Tim and Ben went on to film my friend Steve over at McCoy Spring Creeks. They are hitting all the hotspots!

And now I am on the road, back in Austin tomorrow where I will have time to get you up to speed on all sorts of dishy topics, including:

  • our trip to the Blackfoot and the North Fork Crossing Lodge
  • Little Chick’s trout
  • Texas Water Safari

Until then, enjoy some good music from Charlie Robison. Catch you on the flipside…

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13 Responses to “Caviar & Cocaine”
  1. Stacie says:

    Raisler looks maahvelous. A little wind-tossed and full of sugar & nicotine as usual!! What fun!

  2. Harry says:

    Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

  3. Monica says:

    Definitely! You were just there in the right moment to enjoy yourselves!

  4. MIke says:

    Did little chick make it into the show? She is going to be a chip off of the old fly fishing Chick you know. It would have been really cool had they filmed the interaction between you two. While catching a few toads. Oh and there should be an ad for the lemonade stand and the cup cakes. Have a safe trip home and keep us up dated or send a link where we can see the show. By the way this is the last thing I am doing before I get in the car and head for Penns Creek pictures and story to follow. You and the PROF. have got to come east! Tight Line Mike <

  5. Mike says:

    First thing a visor I could not see you in a visor a great old stetson but not a
    Visor what next a pink fanny pack.
    So tell us what was the best part of being filmed? Pressure was on had to catch a fish or two. That can be tough had a camera crew in my bass boat once if anything stupid could happen it did what a day that was! tight lines Mike

  6. Monty Montana says:

    Ok my friend …the judge is about to speak, sit down, shut up and listen, are you ready?

    Why do you Blog?
    FFC: Because I’m an aspiring writer
    SOL: To listen to myself think

    Remember making that stupid statement…aspiring writer…BS in spades and I will not allow anymore of this type of thinking.

    Lady YOU ARE ONE (writer) and very accomplished and talented…please no more self doubting.

    Sorry for the rant but I will not allow someone so talented to be the slighest bit self destructive.

    You are what all the other Fly fishing BLOGGERS aspire to be… #1

  7. Murdock says:

    Don’t forget us little people now that you are famous. Be sure to let us know when the show airs I want to point and say “I sorta know that famous lady”

  8. You all are very sweet. I have no idea if I will actually end up on the show, but if so I will let yall know. truth be told I think my light shines a little brighter here on the keyboard than it does in front of the camera so don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

    except some summertime travel for the next ten days which may leave things a little quiet around here until I’m back.

    or not. who knows? I might just pop up with a fish tale when you least expect it!! cheers for now~

  9. Rick says:

    Ya know FFC, it can be tough enough being a van driver (necessary for work), without you using your celebrity status to further the negative associations.

    With great power (celebrity-ness), comes great responsibility.

    ‘Course my daughters refer to the Juggernaut as the kidnap vehicle, and I’d recommend you train LC to, “Not think, Run,” if she ever has its ilk pull up near to her.

  10. John says:

    Wow…. Sorry for this monstrously late comment about you being in our TV show….. Just looked at the rough cut of the Adventure Guides show…. Yes you made the cut…. and being the vet that you are on the MO you made me look like an amateur!! I did catch a very nice 22 incher (give or take a few centimeters) after a mega-lesson with Mark the guru-guide (on the Mo reach cast).

    I thought the deal was we would put you in the show if you participated in the Bikini Boat Wash….

    Hmm.. Maybe time to stalk you (again) with “The Van.”

    You did a great job playing the part of “Mark’s client” and now FFC will have national TV coverage (we are planning to promote your blog-name in the show)… Sometime in 2010. Will let you know the air dates when we announce them in December. Congratulations!

    Cheers and Giggles…. Please contact me when you get a chance.

  11. I have many problems with my browser Nuthin’ But Net on your web site. The chimpanzees are in the system :-) .

  12. John says:

    Betty, are you referring to What seems to be the issue? JD

  13. john Dietsch says:

    Thanks for the accolades — and hello to Fish Chick! We were just talking about Mark Reisler and the Montana show.

    FYI – We are focusing on a TON of trout shows for the upcoming season of Adventure Guides on OUtdoor Channel. Let your users know that we have some SICK shows on New Zealand Heli-fishing as well as the “Return to the River” shows we did on the Blackfoot as well as visiting with some of the guides who helped us make A River Runs Through It.

    Tight LInes!

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