Sweet Take Two

Some of you may recall a story I told about Little Chick’s first fish on the flyrod, a cutthroat that she caught on the Blackfoot two summers ago. That event remains a bright spot in our family folklore, so in an effort to recreate fishing magic for Little Chick, my mother once again treated us to a couple of nights at PRO Outfitters lodge on the Blackfoot.


As always, our good friend and talented chef Michael Carlucci wowed us with savory meals from start to finish.

P7200115  P7210185  

And it was a treat to catch up with our old friends Katie & Brandon who run a topnotch operation.

P7200164   P7210206

With copious amounts of food and laughter, we almost forgot the purpose of our mission. But fear not…when it was time to fish, we were all geared up and rarin’ to go. Little Chick’s guide, Chad, has officially earned the title of Hardest Working Fly Fishing Guide of 2009. I have never seen anyone work so hard to extend a drift. Back row, forward stroke, in the boat, out of the boat, holding the boat, walking the boat.

P7200170   P7200167   P7210181

But in the end, Little Chick got the job done — and held the fish all by herself for her Official 2009 Grip & Grin.


I am one proud Mama Chicken.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Take Two

  1. Hey little chick good job! Very nice grip and grin did your mom teach you that? She is the queen of grip and grin! It sounds like you girls had a ball. Did you set up a lemonade stand this trip? I think that is the coolest thing. I’m visting my parents they live close to great fishing. I’m trying to explain to them about your web site my mom thinks it pretty neat dad looked up from his toast and commented she must be wealthy. I asked why do you say that he said, No one can just take off and go fishing. I laughed and said, I have been off for 10 days. Tight line Mike

  2. Way to go little chick. Next time you’re up here in Montana give us a yell we’ll take you and your Ma into Yellowstone for a little fishin’.

  3. Is like the 3 time than i came to see you page, I think I going to be your fan, I´m not near of your country but I like to read a lot and found interesting blog´s is nice. Congratulations and is the true i like to read you !

  4. Nice family pictures. It is indeed a quality time when you are with your family. Dishes add excitement in your tour. Also, meeting old friends evokes a very nice feeling.

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