Pigmalion…or Pig Out Maven?

miss piggy workout The Team Paddlefish craze is ablaze, and I cannot wait for the serious training to begin. That said I am having a terrible time getting into the whole “healthy eating” portion of the program. In fact, I am backsliding. Despite my best intentions, this weekend was an utter gluttony tour of Austin. Breakfast tacos from Nueva Onda, margaritas at Jovitas, Green Mesquite for lunch, rigatoni and red wine at Traviata. Beer and pretzels in the golf cart at Lions Municipal golf course.

I just love food. Switching to a lean diet and focusing on nutrients that are actually working for my body instead of against it is going to require a pigmalion-like transformation that is proving to be radically hard for me. But I am open and determined and the good news is….I have found some help. A wonderful nutritional consultant and FFC regular has offered to analyze my eating habits and make some constructive suggestions.

In fact, the whole FFC crowd has already rallied around our training for the Texas Water Safari race. I am so grateful for all of your kind words about my back troubles. I started the oral steroids and while I don’t care for the jittery side-effects, the back pain is already much-improved. And many FFC readers have chimed in with pledges for training support, gear donations, exercise advice and all-around cheerleading. I appreciate each and every comment! Please keep ‘em coming. This is going to be such fun to chronicle with yall.

piggy-bank-cash Of course to make this a success (or even a reality), we are also in need of good old-fashioned Cash. Jack. Coin. Moula. Dinero. Black Gold. Texas Tea. Whatever you want to call it, we certainly hope you will dig deep into your hearts and into your pockets and part with whatever you might have to spare. Pennies add to dollars and every little bit helps.

First and foremost, we are fundraising for charity. My cause is Rett Syndrome and we have made it super easy to make an online contribution straight to the charity and receive an automated receipt for your tax records. You can use the orange SPONSOR ME button in the right sidebar of my site, or visit the brand new Team Paddlefish website to learn more and make a donation.

In addition, we are currently up a creek without a paddle, so-to-speak. Not to mention a canoe, snake bite kit, first aid, flares, mosquito masks. Just to name a few of the non-negotiables we will need to get down the river.

So we are seeking PARTNERS to contribute to our lean & mean race fund. There are 3 partner levels and no amount is too small (at least not for the entry level partnership.) Depending how much you or your company has to offer, we will get as creative as possible in marketing your good name. From adding your link to my site to peddling and paddling your logo across miles and miles and Texas, we will be shameless and creative for you.

Maybe you know another company as well that might want some free press? Okay, so it’s not exactly free, but it comes relatively cheap and we will do whatever we can to make it a win-win situation. Give enough and I will run around Austin with a tattoo of your corporate logo. It will have to be a temporary tattoo of course but we can negotiate how many hours I wear it and where you want me to prance about town.

The transformation is in motion. The Team Paddlefish website is live and ready for Charity Donations and Partner Contributions. The Team Paddlefish facebook page has excellent news items about the race. The steroids are kicking in so my back is going to get healthy. Things are heading in the right direction.

flying_pig And one way or another I am going to make the dietary changes that are essential for this to work. If I have to reverse the Earth’s rotation, shift tectonic plates, teach pigs to fly, or eat a beet (gasp!) I will do whatever it takes to get in shape, raise money for Rett, and paddle these daunting 262 miles.

Pigmalion with a tough of Herculean. Game on!

9 Responses to “Pigmalion…or Pig Out Maven?”
  1. Harry says:

    Hey! I happen to like pickled beets! They’re good for you-now eat your veggies like a good girl.

  2. John LeJeune says:

    You are amazing. I wouldn’t eat a beet if it was the only thing that would save me from certain death. Yo go FFC!

  3. Beets celery.

    Thanks for the cheerleading! Need the positive vibe from the FFC tribe.

  4. Harry says:

    Oh, did I neglect to mention that they have to be served with a nice juicy cheeseburger,fresh corn on the cob, fresh green beans and washed down with cold beer?

    Oops. There goes the diet.

  5. cubrikaska says:

    Esto no en absoluto lo que me es necesario. Hay otras variantes?

  6. buenas noches. como estas dejame confesarte que yo no estaba buscando nada acerca de este tema y es porque a mi este tema no me gusta para nada, pero te felicito porque la manera en que escribiste me fascino. Por primera vez he encontrado contenido digno en la red. Un saludo.

  7. Michael says:

    “A wonderful nutritional consultant and FFC regular has offered to analyze my eating habits and make some constructive suggestions. ”

    Man, I am so confused when it comes to nutrition and weight loss. I recently read an article that points out that carbs raise insulin levels causing the glucose they turn into to be stored as fat. The author concludes that “Atkins got it right”> And while I’d really like to drop some weight there is, in my opinion, something inherently wrong in eating pork chops smothered in bleu cheese.

  8. Michelle says:

    “If I have to reverse the Earth’s rotation, shift tectonic plates, teach pigs to fly, or eat a beet (gasp!) I will do whatever it takes to get in shape…”

    Shoot me an email if you need help with any of those things–except the beet, of course!

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