Fish Net Stalkings

Or is it fish net stockings? I can see how they came up with the term.

fish nets

My apologies for that mildly awkward photo and unladylike pose. Admittedly there was some chaos in the moment of that grip & grin. Heavy wind, rocks all around, and we were coming up fast on the takeout. But we wanted to document this gamechanger fish. It was a tough afternoon float on the Madison and we needed this morale boost.

fish net fish

But back to nets. Let’s dish. What floats your boat when it comes to fish nets:

  • Giant nets with extendable handles?
  • Traditional wooden net?
  • Certain brand you prefer?
  • You don’t fish with a net but you do wear ladies hosiery under your waders?
9 Responses to “Fish Net Stalkings”
  1. Brad says:

    Last year I bought a Brodin Frying Pan Ghost Float Tube Net that I love. It’s small enough to carry while wading, yet big enough to use while on the Scadden drifter. And hooks never snag in the rubber netting. It was a little pricey, but hopefully it will last a while.

    No, I’ve never worn hose under my waders, but on some of those icy cold mornings, I would probably try anything to stay warmer.

  2. Wally says:

    “Cowboy’s love fat calves.”

  3. Watch it, Bandit.

    Oh yeah, and get me a diablo sandwich, a Dr Pepper, and make it quick I’m in a god-damn hurry

  4. Rodster says:

    Chick – - Please accept my public apology for my earlier comment. That was the lascivious little voice in my head brought out by self-medicated shots of Maker’s Mark. You do have a lovely pair of fish sticks by the way. Best fishes, Rodster

  5. LSU flyfisher says:

    hey, nice leg! – I mean net, catch and release from what I can see from the picture – forgive me, I was out all day yesterday pulling redfish out of the water with Capt. Kirby Lacour out of New Orleans – dangerous city if you like to eat

  6. SOL says:

    Get the net wet, any means possible. See you soon FFC, rumor has it you may be in MT soon…

  7. Waaooo… it would taste much hot n spicy…. :P

  8. P.J. says:

    Nice, you should post some of your catches over at (I meant the fish, but your legs are also welcome)

  9. AM says:

    Get the net wet, any means possible. See you soon FFC, rumor has it you may be in MT soon…

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