Why Settle for A Double Entendre When Triple Is Available?

Since my last post was a tad more earthy than I’d intended, I thought I’d adjust the focus in here by superficially throwing out a literature term. Double entendre. I’ve always loved that phrase! It just sounds yummy and rich and layered.

So did it work? Is the class feeling focused again? Because today we will be exploring the multiple meanings of the word HATCH. Not just one definition, not two, but in a brash display of literary gluttony and brainy decadence, we are going to look at three meanings for the word HATCH. Triple Entendre. Oooh la la.

(Eyes on the chalkboard please. Yes, I am talking to you.)

Of course everyone here should know this definition of the word HATCH:


But the thing is, when you say HATCH you could also be talking about this:

hatch reel

That’s a picture of my new 8-weight Hatch Reel that I received as a Mother’s Day gift. Unfortunately that was right around the launch of trout season for me so I haven’t had the opportunity to use this baby yet. But stay tuned! Fall has salty options ahead…

And now to our final portion of the lesson. Pay close attention, because this definition of the word HATCH is used in a totally different context. Do you know the symbolism of:

HATCH SHOW PRINT is the oldest working letterpress shop in the country and it is located in my old hometown, Nashville, TN. Started as a family business, William H. Hatch set up camp in Nashville in 1875, printing posters for outdoor traveling revivals and local musical happenings. HATCH and COUNTRY MUSIC were married in wedded bliss right from the start as the letterpress shop was located right behind the old Ryman Auditorium, original home of the Opry. The simple, distressed wood-block style of Hatch became an iconic look for music posters across many musical genres.

Hatch_Show_Print Today Hatch has been adopted by the Country Music Hall of Fame, and in my opinion, it’s the greatest gem of Nashville. I am a huge Hatch Show Print fan.

So if you are ever in Nashville, definitely check out the Country Music Hall of Fame, order the Fried Green Tomato BLT with sweet potato fries at the cafe, then make sure to hook around the corner and see the Hatch posters near the gift shop. If you’re in town on September 22, rumor has it Merle Haggard is playing the Ryman and you can sign up in this drawing to win free tickets and a Hatch Show Print poster.

A few other Hatch images I like:

hatch cowboy blue hatch_show TheWhiteStripes_Poster

In my eternal reverence/obsession with Hatch Show Print I tried my own hand at creating a Hatch-inspired graphic for a scrapbook I made:

hatch fish poster

Alright, that’s all for now. Class dismissed. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Why Settle for A Double Entendre When Triple Is Available?

  1. What about that post fly fishing watering hole libation chant “Down the HATCH”? And how do you get to the basement of said speak easy but through the “Secret HATCH”?

  2. How can you miss the quadruple entendre when it is Hatch chile season? It is my favorite religious holiday each August.

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