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P7010162 Over the years the Professor has become good friends with Nancy & Dan Delekta of Beartooth Flyfishing on the Madison River. You’ve probably heard of Dan’s fly tying legacy and his line of patterns, called Delektables. If you’ve been in the store, you definitely know Nancy, who is quick with a warm welcome and a hearty dose of spot-on fishing intel.

On our recent Labor Day trip we fished the Madison our second day which required an automatic visit to Beartooth. Fishing took a back seat while we each took a pass on the inversion table they have on the front porch.

MT 033 To tell you the truth, I didn’t really get the inversion table magic. It seems like it would be great for my back and something I would love. I must have been doing it wrong, I’m not sure. If I run across another inversion table I am going to give it another try.

At any rate, with all the blood rushed into his head the Professor was charged up and ready to hit the water. He madly sped through the fly bins and assembled a collection of patterns with Nancy’s input. I was dawdling about in my own world not really involved in the process.

But right at the end when the Professor was all set to checkout, I decided to pick ONE fly that I wanted to use on the Madison. Something random that struck me out of the blue. Something out there and wild.

In a nanosecond something caught my eye and I wanted it. It was a big chunky purple and tan bushy attractor-type size 8 beast. It was the one.

The Professor felt good about his assortment and was ready to wrap things up so he sort of shook it off. But I was adamant we needed this fly. I felt so strongly about it I agreed to fish with only this fly all day long.

Our friendly adversarial conversation about the flies garnered the attention of others in the shop but no one was really taking sides. I decided to get Nancy’s endorsement to seal the deal. While she did advise I drop it down to a size 10, she agreed it was a lethal selection. Ha!

I fought beartooth and nail to add that fly into the mix and thus, the deal was struck. Let’s be honest, when Nancy gave it the nod and teamed up with me the Professor didn’t have a chance against us.

So did it work?

Let’s just say I pick out flies like I pick out songs on a jukebox.

I had two strikes on that fly right off the boat ramp. KA-POW. Granted one fish was a peanut, but this was the second one:

Copy of MT 036

Not bad, eh? Thanks for the vote of confidence Nancy!

12 Responses to “Beartooth & Nail”
  1. Brad says:

    Sweet! I love the Madison. I need to try out that inversion table, too. Good post!

  2. Harry says:

    I feel compelled to give the Professor some help on this one so I must ask- How many were caught using “the one fly” on the rest of the trip?

  3. Otis Brown says:

    Beartooth is the Best. A little PURPLE HAZE is good for all, including the Young Sid Prof. Congrats FFC.

  4. harry– you’re right. this story is somewhat one-sided. to be fair the professor was very excited that they fly worked as well as it did. in hindsight, the fishing was just really turned on for a few hours. after that it shut off and we were trying anything & everything including some obscure hoppers from deep in the box and a flying ant I found on the floor of a campground latrine

    otis– lingering memories of the summer’s success with the purple haze was no doubt exactly what drew me to this purplish fly. and yes….nothing but love for beartooth. they are the real deal

  5. Harry says:

    OK, just want to keep the facts straight here on fly choices. Not sure I would have used that flying ant though.

    By the way I think Team Paddlefish deserves a theme song on your page. I suggest Ride the River from Clapton and Cale’s album The Road to Escondido.

  6. FFFG-FirefightingfishingGuy says:

    I agree with your choice of flies. I fish he Missori river and purple is my first choice. I don’t have any idea why it works, all I know is it catches fish. I don’t know if you chose the fly because it was purple, but that why the fish chose it. Nice catch

  7. I like this line of thinking Harry!

    Ride The River. good one! I’ve created a playlist in itunes to collect songs for training. Ride the River is the first one in

    open to other ideas?

  8. FFFG-FirefightingfishingGuy:

    I agree with your choice of flies. I fish he Missori river and purple is my first choice. I don’t have any idea why it works, all I know is it catches fish. I don’t know if you chose the fly because it was purple, but that why the fish chose it. Nice catch

    purple was definitly the draw!!! it certainly does work doesn’t it. makes a purple sharpie a “must-have” in the boat

  9. Harry says:

    I don’t know Chick, at my advanced age I can only come up with one or two good ideas a week! I’ll take a trip thru my music library and see what I can find. Hope you like blues (and I believe you do) cause my library is REAL heavy in that area.

  10. Monty Montana says:

    Purple…ah S…, Colorado Rookies color…bad girl.
    The cupcake count just went up.

  11. Daniel says:

    I’ve always wanted to get myself an inversion table. Thanks for the post Harry!
    Daniel recently posted..Ironman ATIS 1000 ReviewMy Profile

  12. nailart says:

    This table is great :) Will have to pick one up

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