Living on The Lamb

After floating the Madison, we couldn’t think of a better way to top off our day than dipping into Bandito’s for dinner up at the bar. Appetizers included Justin’s super delish margaritas (I’m a rocks-no-salt girl) and the Queso Fundido which has chorizo, potatoes, poblano chiles, onion and Monterey Jack cheese. Wrap it up in a tortilla and it is muy bueno.

margs  MT 043

After such an ambitious start to the meal we decided to share an entree. Since I already railroaded the fly selection earlier that day, I deferred to the Professor on what to order even though I wasn’t really feeling the pork dish he picked. Just after we put the order in this deliciouso plate arrived right in front of the stranger sitting to my left.


I suppose I wasn’t very subtle as I was gazing over his shoulder with food envy and ooooing and awwwing because before the guy even took one bite for himself he handed me his fork and offered me a taste. I protested lightly but he continued to offer soooo…twist my arm…I took him up on it!! Ate right off his plate.


Good things only transpired from here. The Professor promptly changed our order so we enjoyed our own helping of the lamb special in the cherry reduction sauce with a sweet onion tamale on the side. Ooh la la!

Plus, we proceeded to have a big time with our new friend Brian whom I will always remember fondly as the guy who let me eat off his plate before he even tasted his own meal. Cheers to Brian and his brother and friend visiting from California. Enjoyed sharing fishing stories, laughs, drinks…and your lamb.

And of course a big salute to Scott and Justin and the whole crowd at Banditos. They close up shop for the season this Saturday so if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to shake your tailfeathers over to Banditos this week for one last fix.

Until next time that is…

4 Responses to “Living on The Lamb”
  1. Tosh says:

    Any recipes for a lamb/hemp smoothie in your cleanse itinerary?

  2. Red Yeti says:

    Tosh: Any recipes for a lamb/hemp smoothie in your cleanse itinerary?

    Yeah, is that cleanse “rocks no salt” as well? That might sting a bit…

  3. maybe around Easter.

    but for now, no lamb allowed on the cleanse. I can have a few organic eggs and occasional very light piece of fish.

    and of course I am starting each day with my 420 Milkshakes

  4. Monty Montana says:

    “and of course I am starting each day with my 420 Milkshakes.”

    you one funny chick…do you want to paddle that canoe or float it over the finish line?

    I am reminded of the old ranchers joke, “eat lamb, 10,000 coyotes can’t be wrong”

    …have you ever seen a fat coyote?

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