Wake Up And Smell The Canoe

If you’ve noticed the crickets chirping alone in here over the past week or so, I do apologize. But I have been uber-super-swamped pushing things forward for Team Paddlefish and our daunting quest to complete The Texas Water Safari. I have lots to report, but mostly want to shine a spotlight on two generous partners who have taken great strides to help Team Paddlefish and our charities.

I’d like to take some time to thank and laud John Bugge and Ruta Maya Organic Coffee.

There is so much to do in getting ready for the Safari, but first and foremost is clearly getting The Canoe. Many people associated with the race urged us to speak with safari veteran John Bugge and dutifully, we did.

Copy of canoe2 John Bugge has raced in the Safari a staggering thirty-three times. This past year he finished eighth overall. Mindboggling! Banning and I loaded Little Chick in the back of the truck and ventured down to Bugge’s ranch in Luling a week or so ago, because Bugge rents canoes that are custom-rigged specifically for the Water Safari.

In our on-going effort to be frugal and direct as much money as possible to our charities, the price for a Bugge rented canoe was very attractive. On top of which, he discounted the lease price as a contribution to Team Paddlefish.

What a hero! He also spent about two hours talking to us about the race, sharing valuable information about how to succeed in the Safari. He talked about nutrition and staying hydrated. Talked about how to read the river and pick seams. He taught us about paddle strokes and paddling in sync and how to leverage everything the canoe could do in terms of turning and running trim. He spoke of the course and helped us prioritize which sections of the river to practice first and how to approach the smaller races in the spring.

Words cannot express our gratitude. Humbly, we would like to extend a huge heartfelt Thank You to John Bugge, a true ambassador of the Texas Water Safari.

Just one glitch. We still need some money in the Team Paddlefish account so when Bugge goes to cash that check…it clears!

As of this morning, with great fanfare (cue the trumpets and the drumroll) I am delighted to announce we have our first official corporate partner: Ruta Maya Organic Coffee. I am thrilled about this partnership for multiple reasons. First, it gets us in the clear with Bugge so the canoe we brought back to Austin won’t get repoed. But this partnership is much much more than that. It’s a truly good fit.

organic-coffee-med-kilo A mission-driven company located right here in Austin, Ruta Maya imports 100 percent organic Arabica coffee beans shade-grown by cooperatives of farmers in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Founded on the simple premise of creating a marketplace of superior products produced in Latin American countries and to return to the producers of those products a fair portion of profits generated. Ruta Maya Coffee is handpicked and delivered fresh daily so we are all actually a part of this sustainable development project.

Plus, at the coffeeshop which is near my house they have live music and some bellydancing classes I want to try.

So why not support those who have stepped up to the plate to support Team Paddlefish and Rett Syndrome and Project Healing Waters. If you’re going to sip some coffee, why not try a cup with soul? Ruta Maya is available online as well as at HEB and Costco. I say run don’t walk and buy some beans from the good guys.

It’s such a good match: Ruta Maya – The Official Coffee of Team Paddlefish. I love the organic theme since I have been eating strictly organic, whole foods in an effort to get fit for the race. Banning loves that critical cup of joe to get him going for early training sessions. Like Team Paddlefish, Ruta Maya is grassroots at heart while shooting for the stars and I truly believe now that we’ve partnered with Ruta Maya our canoe is going to be muy, muy espresso.

John Bugge believes in us. Ruta Maya believes in us. With these incredible partners waving the flag on our behalf, we are already a few strokes closer to the finish line.

And so……it’s time to name the canoe! Anyone have any ideas?

6 Responses to “Wake Up And Smell The Canoe”
  1. Herb Imondi says:

    Ok I gave it some thought and I’vecome up with 3 names;
    1. Paddlemyfly
    2. FFCC (fly fish chick canoe)
    3. one last cast

  2. nevets says:

    just goes to show ya take a blonde babe,then take the strangest of things that you might find a hott blonde babe doing put it together and there you have a successful web site. amazing

  3. prissy says:

    Canoe names

    Banning’s Chick
    Ban a Chick
    Chic ban a (chic fil a) Possible sponsor!! haha


  4. Dustbowl Dan says:


    I can smell the Ruta Maya coffee brewing now. I’m definitely getting some for myself and would like to send some to friends for the Holidays. Can you tell me if they handle gift lists?

  5. If you’d like to place a large order for gift lists etc, contact them at rutamaya@rutamaya.net or at 1-800-510-2822

    they can definitely handle it!!

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