What Does Donna Summer Have To Do With Fishing?

donna summer It started in the Bahamas a few years ago. At the end of the final day of our trip, Stevie said, “Last cast now, this it it.” So I started casting away while crooning the Donna Summer melody ‘Last Dance’ — although I substituted my own lyrics, “Last Ca-ast…this is my last cast for a fi-i-ish. Last Cast…Last Cast…”

My dad raised an eyebrow and shook his head, Stevie tried not to smile while poling for the last fish and my mom worked her Sudoku without looking up. The bonefish dismissed me as well.

No matter, I’ve taken the technique stateside. Turns out fish, friends and family ignore me just the same in freshwater as they do in salt. Last shot of the day on the Missouri and I bust out the Donna Summer tune. I simply can’t hold it in! Little Chick will be hot and hungry and bored and acapella I promise her to a disco beat, “Last cast…this is my last cast of the da-a-ay.”

Last cast, last dance, last waltz — what fly fisherman doesn’t love a good Hail Mary? Perhaps that explains my recent lapse in judgment in taking Little Chick downtown last Friday evening, the night before Halloween, to 6th Street among the drunken costumed rabblerousers and the panhandling homeless just so we could see the Michael Jackson movie ‘This Is It’. Hey, what can I say? Whether it’s fishing, disco, rock or pop, I have a soft spot for a swan song.

Which is why I have some really big news…

Unless you have spent most of this calendar year hiding under a rock like a molting nymph, you are probably aware that the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour of 2009 was wildly successful, hitting more cities than ever with topnotch films. But what you may not know is that you have one more chance to see these incredible films before the 2010 tour begins. Last Dance Texas…

Tailwaters Fly Fishing in Dallas, TX is hosting one last stop on the 2009 Drake FFFT:

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2009 at Tailwaters

Nov 11th, doors open at 7 pm

Dallas Texas

The films are superb and of course look amazing on the big screen. Plus, the guys at Tailwaters do a great job and always throw a fine party so don’t tarry…buy your tickets now! Remember what happened last time I told you to get your tickets? Sell out. Big time. So you might as well trust me this go round and get your tickets pronto! Click ticket to buy online.

tailwaters FFFT

tailwaters FFFT 

tailwaters FFFT


tailwaters FFFT

6 Responses to “What Does Donna Summer Have To Do With Fishing?”
  1. Tosh says:

    I once spent 6 days on the Babine in BC with this one stuck in my head…

    And every one was an Hen-er-y,
    She never had a Willie or a Sam,
    I’m her eighth old man I’m Hen-er-y,
    Hen-er-y the eighth I am…

    Not sure how Herman’s Hermits snuck aboard that steelhead trip, but I will forever relate frozen hands and string leeches to that song.

  2. Turnip Truck Driver says:

    With me it’s…………

    The itsy bitsy caddis climbed up the water reed
    Down came the wind and blew the caddis out
    Along came the rainbow and sipped the caddis up
    Up popped a pupa and

    The itsy bitsy caddis climbed up the water reed again

  3. Rob says:

    That’s so funny! When i’m wading the flats and i’m getting ready to leave, the Killswitch Engage song “My Last Serenade” starts playing in my head….except i sing it “This is….my last ….cast todaaaaayy”

    Still funny….glad i’m not the only one!


  4. Jonathan A. says:

    My wife and I will be there!

    I always find my self singing culture club when cruising bass pass me by….

    “come and go, you come and go”

  5. Jason Puris says:

    With your singing talent and my film making expertise maybe there is a music video to be made!

    Foe me, I’m usually singing the last song I heard before turning off the car. Last time out it was that 4 Non Blonds song. you know it….

  6. Awesome,I love Michael Jackson! He was the best to ever do it! We will never ever have someone like him! Rest in Peace to the GREATEST!

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