Little Chick’s Favorite Fishing Pants

little chicks patagonia pants Three years ago we wandered across the street from Little Chick’s school into a children’s athletic store called 1379. Almost immediately I found everything I needed for our trip to Montana, namely some Patagonia pants that fit her perfectly and were ideal for the boat – not too cool, not too warm, deflect a little water, we both agreed on the color.

I had no idea the love affair that was born in the moment of that transaction. The monumental power of those pants was lost on me until later.

Little Chick loved these pants. She wore them all summer and even managed to squeeeeze into them the next year as well. Those pants have logged more days on the Missouri River than many guides’ pants – and we all know those have seen a few back-to-back trips without a dip in the laundry. She wouldn’t wear shorts, she wouldn’t wear other pants, nothing else would do. These were her lucky fishing pants. She was wearing them on the Blackfoot when she caught her first fish on a fly all on her own.

So of course we were already fans of 1379 for bringing the beloved Patagonia fishing pants into our lives. But now we have even more cause to be grateful:

1379 has just become a Team Paddlefish Sponsor!

[cue the streamers and the horns]


Banning and I are so excited to have them on board. Lindsey & Mike, the couple that own 1379, have a bustling family and started the kidswear athletic boutique because they know “kids like to be out and about more if they are wearing comfortable and durable clothing and shoes.” Not to mention, Mike and Lindsey are both lifelong athletes themselves. Lindsey was a volleyball star at Notre Dame (she was #13) where Mike started as offensive lineman (# 79) for four years before heading to the NFL for a nine-year professional football career.

Whoa. That is some serious athletic mojo backing Team Paddlefish. I feel feel stronger and faster already.

We are incredibly lucky to have their support and urge you to take a moment to check out their online store, blog, and slideshow. The more I learn about their mission to create a “store focused on active kids”, the more I am inspired. I know this FFC crowd agrees, kids need to spend more time active and outdoors. Remember this post from the FFC archives about children and their decline in outdoor activities?

So wave the flag for the good guys who have stepped up to the plate, not just for Team Paddlefish, but for kids and families and the community. Three cheers for 1379.

4 Responses to “Little Chick’s Favorite Fishing Pants”
  1. Rodster says:

    Great story! We all have a pair of lucky fishing pants, although not as cute as Little Chicks. Does 1379 have a pair of pink clogs in a size-10? ;~) Best fishes, Rod

  2. Ken Sperry says:

    Cute story and good to hear about folks like Lindsey & Mike. I’ll be checking out their online store – thanks!

  3. horsedooty says:


    this is something you might like. It is Geoff Muldaur playing some hot blues guitar and talking about a group he fronts called the Texas Sheiks. He speaks kindly of Stephen Bruton whom was also on this album. Last album he was part of I think. I think the last project he did was out in LA for a movie that T-Bone Burnet was working on. Stephen passed in T-Bone’s house after they finished Stephen’s part.

    this is a Newsweek link…


  4. Bryan says:

    Cute girl and the pants are really looking very good on her:)

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