Bevo Versus Babe…Revisited

Yesterday was a drippy Saturday in Mobile, AL with lots of couchtime  and college football. Out of the blue the Professor blurted out, “Let’s make ribs tonight!” So we dashed off to the store in search of babyback ribs. At first, it seemed they were out, and frustration mounted. Being the good Texas girl that I am, I instinctively slid down to the beef section to look around, while the Professor, an Alabama native, automatically went searching in the pork area.

Almost simultaneously we each held up slabs of babyback ribs and shouted, “Found ‘em!”

Uh oh. The age old debate: Beef versus Pork. You may recall this old post where the conversation on this very topic was quite lively. But cooking ribs was the Professor’s idea, we were on the Professor’s home turf, and it was the Professor’s grill, so it was a no-brainer to go with the pork.

My contribution was a spicy rub that I first tried this summer on a pork tenderloin. Remember this recipe? I suggested we give it a try on the ribs.


Glad I conceded on the pork because the Professor worked awfully hard on this rib project, venturing back and forth into the rain many times throughout the evening.



Pork babyback ribs cooked to perfection, grilled chicken drumsticks, boiled corn, “doctored-up” baked beans…it was delish!

PA210231 PA210233

The aftermath…


Cheers for now…another food post is in the works!

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