And It Stoned Me

We have officially entered that phase in the calendar when fishing trips are few & far between for me, and more and more of the posts here on FFC turn to…well, food. Although this year I am also going to have plenty of anecdotes from paddle training which are already proving to be somewhat comical. Oh, and did I mention I am writing a book?

At any rate, more paddling tales down the road. Today I promised you food.

PA170015 Last month when we were in the Keys, it was the start of Stone Crab Season. Our superguide, Rich Keating, suggested the Keys Fisheries in Marathon to load up on fresh stone crab. We were all excited to take a pile of them back to our little kitchenette at the motel, scheming how we would crack them with the back of a spoon.

But as we were wrapping up our day of fishing, Rich was kind enough to invite us over to his house to eat dinner and watch college football. He and his wife were incredibly gracious and we had a big time – not to mention they have a professional stone crab cracker which no doubt saved us time and kept spoilage to zero percent.

PA170019  PA170038  

PA170045  PA170048

It was a special evening of fellowship, food & football as a couple of Florida fans and a couple of Alabama fans came together over stone crabs to watch each of our respective games back to back. Of course this was light years ago in football time and now the much anticipated SEC showdown is set. We’ll try to keep it civil since we had such a great time at the Keatings’ and were shown such hospitality. Once again many thanks to Rich and his wife, and big congratulations as well – Rich was recently elected to the Marathon City Council!


And it stoned me to my soul. Hmm.

7 Responses to “And It Stoned Me”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    Love love love stone crabs! YUM!

  2. Monty Montana says:

    three damn post about food and no damn cupcakes…what’s up?

    Ah crab sure does make a man remmber his youth…really long story.


  3. miss those stone crabs…

    use to have them all the time … but that was another life …

  4. love all the stone crab nostalgia

    monty– here’s the latest cupcake design…thanksgiving themed:

  5. John LeJeune says:

    Nom nom nom nom, YUM!

  6. Mark says:

    Those stone crab fisherman are some of the hardest working guys I know. Gotta love the smell of diesel fuel and used motor oil.

  7. Monty Montana says:

    See how easy that was…that’s what I call a comlete meal, main course (turkey), and desert all in one bite…now we can get back to fishing.I’m stuffed let’s go for a walk, come on Kate (best damn friend a fella could have.

    Thanks FFC and Happy Thanksgiving to all your family and Friends.

    Monty Montana

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