Lift and Separate…Rise and Shine

RISEgraphic I would like to encourage Austin-area angling enthusiasts to step out for an evening of fishing films and tata karma. Next Tuesday 12/8 the Texas chapter of Casting for Recovery is hosting a premiere of RISE, the latest movie from Confluence Films.

As we all know, Casting for Recovery helps thousands of breast cancer survivors by offering no-cost fly-fishing retreats tailored to promote and support mental and physical healing.

It’s sure to be a very uplifting experience (hee hee) so don’t delay! Buy your tickets online and make plans to step out next week for a good cause:

Casting for Recovery Premiere of the movie RISE

Dobie Theater, Austin TX, 2025 Guadalupe on the second floor of the Dobie Mall

Tuesday Dec 8th at 7pm

Pre-party from 5-7: mingle with local fishing clubs, shops, anglers and participate in raffle and silent auction

Tickets cost $15 adults, $12 seniors and $10 children

Purchase tickets online here

Free parking (with validation) is available in the Dobie Garage just east of the mall

Questions? Contact Susan Gaetz, Texas Program Coordinator, Casting for Recovery at (512) 940-0246 or


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