Don’t Tell Little Chick’s Teacher Why Her Homework Isn’t Finished

Tonight Little Chick and I attended a Casting for Recovery benefit where they premiered the fishing film RISE after a two-hour fly fishing mixer. Local clubs, shops, authors and guides were all in attendance and it was a nice escape to chat and relax. I’m not sure when or how, but in the food court of the Dobie Theatre Little Chick miraculously managed to craft a sandwich board for herself.

PB070023  PB070024

Little Chick was an all-around marketing maven so Banning jumped on the opportunity to have her peddle the TFO brand for awhile.

 PB070006 PB070011 


Always fun to catch up with my friend Tiffany from Gruene Outfitters:


It was a treat to finally meet Colleen with Heart of Texas Kayaks — we’ve communicated via email so long I feel I already know her:


Casting For Recovery organizers Stacy and Susan put together a spectacular evening:


And of course, a nice portrait of Team Paddlefish:


Great to catch up with good friends and meet new ones as well. Of course the movie was incredible – enough to makes us all exit the theatre a little deflated about the mundane todo list waiting on the other side of tomorrow’s alarm clock. RISE is a cinematic, flyfishing fairytale that takes you from the legendary Florida worm hatch that makes the tarpon megaloopy…to the big trout water of Argentina…to the redfish of Louisiana…bonefish of Venezuela…the elite and sublime Henry’s Fork…and closes with a retrospective on the birth of sport fishing lodges in Alaska. Did I miss anything?

When we arrived home about 9:30, Little Chick grumbled at the thought of her unfinished homework and sighed longingly, “When do I get to go on my first fishing trip?”

“What? You get to fish every summer.”

“But I mean I real trip, like Argentina or Chile or something like that. You know, a real one?”

Lordy. I’m not sure these movies are healthy for any age.

But they sure are fun.

3 Responses to “Don’t Tell Little Chick’s Teacher Why Her Homework Isn’t Finished”
  1. El General says:

    I want to know when I get to go on my first real fishing trip, also.

  2. Monty Montana says:

    Ah you have stepped into my arena once again…child labor laws…I belive since I’m Little Chick’s self appointed advisor…WE will start off with 2 dozen cupcakes, just to test the waters…no sprinkles.


  3. k8 says:

    Little Chick You Are Awesome! I love the sandwich boards! Go Team!

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