Mele Kalikimaka

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but over the past few years I’ve become more and more intrigued with visiting the 50th state. What’s peaked my interest, you ask? Well, here are the top 5 reasons:

5. I kinda like that crazy University of Hawaii mascot, Vili The Warrior

2004, January, 09_cty_vili 01_Vili the Warrior, UH mascot, at UH men's volleyball game vs Penn State in the Stan Sheriff Center.
Honolulu Star Bulletin photo by FL Morris

Even though he offended University of Houston and UTEP fans and violated the Alabama elephant when he stuck his elephant trunk up his bum and violently threw the 165-lb Bama student dressed as Big Al across the field, I still kinda like ole Vili.

4. I want to see Doris Duke’s Hawaii estate Shangri La

doris duke shangri la

I know, I just said the word ‘Duke’ and basketball season has already started. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. But I am fascinated by Doris Duke’s Hawaiian estate (now a museum open to the public) and I would love to see it in person. Go Heels.

3. Little Chick and I already own grass skirts and Hawaiian shirt koozies

LC hula skirt hawaii koozie

For some reason we decided to throw a Luau a few years ago on January 2nd. It snowed. I bought a grass skirt on the Internet and paid a premium to have it shipped two-day air in time for the party. Surprisingly, I haven’t had another occasion to wear it and would really like to get my money’s worth outta that thing.

2. The Divine Miss M


Bette Midler was born in Hawaii and I love her version of this song

1. And of course, the Number One Reason I want to visit Hawaii:

craig sako

Holy Bonefish!! Many thanks to Craig Sako, Hawaiian-angler and longtime friend of FFC, for sending along this great picture.

Mele Kalikimaka everyone!!

11 Responses to “Mele Kalikimaka”
  1. Wally says:

    When I was about Little Chick’s age my mom took us kids on a very long road trip thru Glacier NP and up into Alberta. Mom and my sis played the sountrack to The Rose the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME.
    It’s amazing that I turned out so well.
    Anyhoo, that’s a good looking bonefish Craig’s got there. Which Island was he fishing?

  2. “some say love…it is a river….that drowns the tender reed…”

    oh I know The Rose. we used to sing it at summer camp of course

    don’t know the answer to your question about Craig’s fish. hopefully he will chime in!!

  3. That’s Oahu in the background.

    FFC, I thought your #1 answer was to see the roughfisher’s birthplace. I’ll be in Hawaii in January and will think of you guys while I’m downing a shave ice @Matsumotos.

  4. G_Smolt says:

    8 days in March on the Big Island, Kona side, corner condo, WATERFRONT, baybee…

    Lookin’ out for da kine poke, so good it broke da mouf, brah.

  5. Five good reasons, indeed. Enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work. Hope we can fish together sometime!

  6. Tom says:

    I think I will leave the golf clubs at home in favor of the long rod on my maiden visit to Hawaii-wow, great fish!

    FFC-keep up the good work-you are one of a kind!

  7. Dave Walker says:

    I love Hawai’i. The Big Island is awesome to explore. Don’t miss Kona Brewing.

  8. Donnie C. says:

    Ha, Awesome! I wondered if you where going to mention the bones. 20+ lb class living in deeeeep! water. Crazy stuff even very few bottom fisherman get to see.
    If you go to the big island, stroll along the edge of the Queens pond and check out the 10+lb bones in there. I snuck an orange charlie in on one…he broke me in an instant and scared about 20 others only to alert the hotel staff who came and chased me off. Sacred law in the ponds.. I was breaking it.. “Kapu” it was a blast.
    And yes Kona brew is a must.

  9. Rob says:

    Certainly Duke is Duke…they’re on TV more than “Leave it to Beeevah” reruns….

  10. Cruise says:

    Can’t wait to get back to Hawaii, really aswesome. Enjoy, while we are behind wit 6 inches of snow.

  11. Great picture!
    I love fishing in Hawaii.
    Thanks for sharing!

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