This Bird Is Getting Ready to Fly South

I am overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia and memories of family traditions. Wistful, light-hearted notions of carefree days and the sound of laughter with friends. Now while I am preparing to travel to Nashville this week for the holidays, it’s not the Yule Tide season or the thought of rocking around the Christmas tree that has my head in the clouds.

I am experiencing a severe case of trout brain.DSCN0679

This weekend I will be at FLY SOUTH flyshop in Nashville doing a presentation on fishing Montana rivers. In preparation, I am knee-deep in fish photographs and river maps and flies…and it’s killing me. I am desperate to be in a drift boat in Montana. I wish I were in the middle of an evening caddis hatch on the Missouri with two hours of summer sunlight left and a glass of red wine and a bowl of penne waiting for me at Izaaks at about 11 pm.

Since that’s still months away and I am due to shake my tail feathers South for the winter instead of West, talking trout will have to suffice until I am catching them. Care to join me?

The guys at Fly South are the best and if you’re not on a river, I can’t think of a better place to spend a Saturday. So if you’re in the area, please do come to Fly South this weekend to say hello, score a doughnut, and see my presentation on fishing Montana rivers.

Krispy Kremes & Trout Talk

Fly Fish Chick at Fly South

1514 Demonbreun St

Saturday December 19th from 9-10am

If you’re not in Nashville, don’t think you’re off the hook. I need help with my withdrawal symptoms presentation. Send me some Big Sky fishing stories, pictures, pattern suggestions. Jump in the mix, share your trout fishing highlight reel with the rest of us. What was your best day on a Montana river? I am granting you permission to brag – not to mention an excuse to take a break from your online Christmas shopping.

7 Responses to “This Bird Is Getting Ready to Fly South”
  1. Mike Herron says:

    Hi Chick so your coming to Nashville well I guess I need to start looking at flights to Nashville. I am in Pittsburgh and work for an airline. Flying over to meet you and listen to your seminar sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Besides along with all my fishy pics it would be fun to have a nice picture with the Fly Fishing Chick for my office. I have been working on an article and I would like to get your opinion. I hope I can figure out away to make it to your seminar. < Mike

  2. El Pescador says:

    Good luck with your presentation FFC. Here’s a link to an album of pix from a trip I took to the Boulder River (Big Timber, MT) in April 2008 – Let me know if any of the images are of interest.

  3. Michael — can’t BELIEVE you are coming in all the way from Pittsburgh for this. Extra doughnut for you. It’s going to be fun!

    El Pescador — GREAT pictures. Fish are excellent but I really love that bar. Divine.

  4. listen, Nashville is only 40 minutes away from the hidden gem of middle TN, the Caney Fork river. Now if TVA cooperates, you can hustle one of the Fly South boys to take you for a float on the Caney Fork to help with you trout addiction – good luck and keep your line tight!

  5. LSU flyfisher — great tip! love the caney. had the chance to fish it with Steve (Fly South) just this past May, check it out:

  6. El Pescador says:

    Glad you liked some of the pix. That bar is in the Grand Hotel – It’s cool and authentic. I think you’d like it.

  7. bruce cox says:

    Hi FlyFishChick,
    Why don’t I know you? I live in Springdale and we have mutual artist/craftsman friends who during our New Years celebration conversation found out that I am doing demo’s and flytying classes for the International Angler. Anyway they asked me if I knew you so now we have been somewhat some what properly introduced in this electronic age.
    If you in the burg and looking for something to do on Saturday mornings stop by the IA demos and introduce yourself. Schedule below;

    1/16/2010 Tony Ripepi Tying trout dry flies and emergers

    1/23/2010 Bruce Cox Sulphurs our wonderfull eastern mayfly- bottom to top

    1/30/2010 Jeff Blood Tying his name sake Blood Dot and other Steelhead flies

    2/6/2010 Dave Schmezer Tying a new caddis pattern of his own design (Daves last demo in Pgh-moving to Fla)

    2/13/2010 Bruce Cox Tying micro flies

    2/20/2010 Scott Loughner Tying flies for Smallmouth bass

    2/27/2010 Gordon Chesney Tying classic wet flies

    3/6/2010 Franklyn Gorell Tying saltwater flies

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