I Really Do Love College Football

Here’s the honest truth. Back in early December I really really really thought Carolina was going to get a bid for the Music City Bowl here in Nashville (yes, I am still in Nashville for the holidays.) So I pulled the trigger on four tickets. Unfortunately for me, the Music City Bowl invited Kentucky and Clemson.

music city bowl popcorn

No matter! We decided to make the most of it and go anyway. We recruited my cousin and her husband to join us. Despite nosebleed seats and frigid temps we had a blast. On the way in we met other revelers who were passionate SEC football fans, just there for the booze. And we made friends with some Clemson guys seated in front of us, one of whom loved to fish and spent most of the game showing us fishing pictures on his phone and talking about South Carolina sheep-head with the Professor.

Kind of a problem later in the game when he received a text that his friends were detained by police. As he was trying to deal with the logistics of johnny-law, his phone ran out of juice. Oh well. It is my experience fisherman love to talk fishing at the expense of many things.

As it should be.

Cheers to our new Clemson fans, and I hope everyone is gearing up for a full, blue-moon New Years Eve and preparing to watch a lot of football tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy some shaky footage of our adventure at the Music City Bowl the other night:

YouTube Preview Image

11 thoughts on “I Really Do Love College Football

  1. glad to see that you were enjoying the snow and the game – don’t know about them ACC fans but I bet you all the Kentucky folks brought their friend Jack (Daniels that is!) to keep them warm during the game. That is what SEC football is all about. Good friends, good game and good hootch.

  2. Oh my. Now that is dedication to college football! Love how ya’ll worked “caddis hatch” into the dialogue…but the best part was the Brat Cam from the Prof!

  3. Sorry y’all rooted for the wrong team; and sorry Kentucky lost. But I feel I need to set the record straight. Kentucky fans are not friends with Jack Daniels. Maker’s Mark would be a lot more like it. Just sayin’ is all.

  4. Go Boise State…(since Fresno did not make it).

    Broncos are going to kick some texas butt.

    Oh and more thing…Tequila not some damn whimpy ass Bourbon

  5. Oh my head..he hurts to much to smile…way to much Tequila.
    Goodnight, no waite is the sun up…ah to hell with it.

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