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Get out your calendars and mark down the date because we are bringing the film tour back to Austin, my friends! After last year’s red-hot Austin show, we are really going to amp up the energy this year and make it another Texas-style throwdown.

Those of you who have been around FFC awhile know that I am not full of hot air. Last year I told everyone to get their tickets early, I told everyone we would sell out. Sure enough we sold out well in advance and people were clamoring for tickets. Close to a hundred people didn’t get in. Yikes.

For the FFC newcomers, allow me to get you up to speed on the backstory: Last year I met TX Gov Rick Perry on a plane and he promised to help promote and support the show (when I pitched him loudly in front of dozens of passengers constituents.) He and his aide subsequently ignored all of my calls and emails. 

Shortly after I saw The Lizardman on a plane and contacted him a few times, begging for support. No reply.

Luckily I got a break with localebrity cross-dressing Leslie who shot a video for us. The show was a blast and at the Horseshoe Lounge post-party we plied esteemed author Miles Nolte full of Lone Stars and he was last seen drowning in a pile of plushie toys. It was all good. Except for the terse blog comment I ultimately received from The Lizardman who was peeved that I shamed him on my blog for dissing me.

drake poster But nothing – and I mean nothing – mends a minor spat better than the foolproof combination of fishing, films & beer. Ah, the power of the Drake Film Tour! The moment we set the date for the 2010 show I started hounding The Lizardman again, proposing that we kiss and make up…aaaand…that he give us a photo-op. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

Finally, he agreed. So this morning I met the Lizardman at the Alamo Drafthouse, and I am here to tell you he is the greatest guy! In addition to the intense body modification he is a completely fascinating individual — a sideshow performer, a writer with multiple book projects, and an ardent student of philosophy. Turns out his sister and brother-in-law live in Montana and like to fish. And his grandfather was a passionate fisherman in New York who died on the water with a fish on the line.

I am certain the Fly-Fish-Chick-Lizardman Lovefest is just starting to bloom. The Middle East could take a page from our book! And Perry? Pa-shaw. Perry. What is he thinking snubbing me so badly? I am going to try and use FFC as the anti-Oprah effect on his goobernatorial campaign. You know what I say? I say, “LIZARDMAN FOR GOVERNOR!!”

Oh my goodness did I just accidentally launch his campaign for Texas Governor?

But really, at the end of the day, I think we’ve learned three important lessons here:

#1 — I have a strange tendency to incorporate men-with-stuffed-animal pictures when I blog about the film tour

#2 — The Lizardman’s grip-and-grin is infinitely more badass than anything you’ve ever seen on the Drake

#3 — We can do things the hard way, or we can do things the easy way, but no matter what I will wear you down charm you in the end. I believe the Lizardman can attest to that.

So folks I urge you to go ahead and mark your calendars. And stay tuned for information on ticket sales.

Thank You, Thank You Thank You, Lizardman!

14 Responses to “Austin Texas: Keeping Fly Fishing Weird”
  1. Nick says:

    Wow. Lizardman…

  2. Turnip Truck Driver says:

    Looks just like some guides I’ve seen on the Madison.

  3. Tosh says:

    WOW! That photo looks like it was done professionally. You’re getting really good with that little point-n-shoot.

  4. Tosh, I have to admit, it is mighty handy to have a professional photographer as my publisher.

    Now who would you say was easier to shoot? Leslie or Lizardman?

    GREAT pic!

    (PS, better keep the camera close by I’ve fired off a few other email requests. I won’t say to whom but if one in particular agrees, let’s just say our filmshow could get a little more Kinky.)


  6. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, First Amendment Rights only kinda sorta apply here at FFC. No namecalling in the comments. Lizardman was a true sport and is now a new friend who gave up his time to do the film tour a favor and have some fun

    I will admit, when you first see the changes he’s made to his body it can be uncomfortable. But really, we’re not meant to be comfortable all the time. That would hardly be interesting. A good friend always says, “If it’s comfortable, it’s wrong.”

    I suppose that is why I have lost my mind and signed on to compete in a 262-mile canoe race! I am about to be uncomfortable for the next 5.5 months!!!

  7. Murdock says:

    Ok. This officially makes my long ago lunch with Earlene Mandrell look very lame in the “brushes with fame” department…. Very cool

  8. Mike Herron says:

    Happy New Year Chick
    You start the year out with lizard man you never disappoint. Who new the lizard man was so deep. Then again who knew you had such a broad friend base. I wonder who will appear next on FFC. With the snow and ice falling and my beloved sport in a deep freeze. Blogs like the last one put a huge smile on my face. I would love to fly to Austin for the show but that might be a tad difficult. Certainly the trip to Nashville was a bit more manageable. But like I promised time to start thinking Penn’s Creek and central PA. I fished Christmas eve caught 5 and saw a black bear just up stream from me. The biggy was a hungry 19 inch brown. Drove across several miles of snow covered roads competing with the snow mobile traffic. But it was well worth the effort. Now if fishing can be that good at 30 degrees imagine what it is like at 70 degrees. Hey Little Chick tell mom it might be a fun spring /early summer vacation! Tight Lines Mike <
    PS: Nice Grip and Grin Lizard Man!

  9. Rodster says:

    Chickie – - Any truth to the rumor you’ll have your FFC Kissing Booth again to sell tickets this year? Best fishes, Rodster

  10. haha. I forgot about the kissing booth idea! I will submit it for discussion under the New Business section of our very formal agenda at one of our planning meetings

  11. Derik D says:

    Chick you are the the PR master with the local celebs, my last flight out of Bergstrom only held a Michigan State Bball player. Nice going with the Lizzad Man for sure.

  12. Glista says:

    Why would you want a greasy worm of a politician when you have the Lizardman.

    The Lizardman Rules! Great job Chick!

    P.S. Don’t Lizards eat worms?

  13. Calendar is marked.
    I appreciate the info.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oprah would make a decent politician. One of few these days

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