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Time to get back in the canoe. With less than five months to train for the Texas Water Safari, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure. I’m gathering up all my cold weather fishing gear/clothing to resume paddle training this week. I’m not going to look like a professional paddler, that’s for certain, but I can’t justify spending an extra buck on fancy paddling clothes if I can make my fishing gear work. We shall see.

I may not be an expert paddler, but there’s one thing I know something of, and that’s music. And rivers. So in an effort to get my corpulent yuletide fanny off the couch and back on the treadmill, I’ve created a whopper of a playlist with great songs about RIVERS.

I have to imagine a few of you could chime in on this topic. So tell me, my huckleberry friend, what is your favorite river song?

In the meantime, enjoy the flow of these selections…

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27 thoughts on “My Huckleberry Friend

  1. “Haw River Stomp” by Southern Culture on the Skids.

    “don’t that mud feel good when it’s between your toes?”

  2. “I taught the weeping willow how to cry…” RIGHT ON Roughfisher!! Big River, Johnny Cash. what an oversight on my part!

    GREAT suggestions all around. Am searching for all your river songs on Project Playslit. If they are available, I am adding them.

    Please keep those River Songs coming!!!!!

  3. Not really a “river” song, but quite appropriate I think…”Texas Ride Song” by the Bodeans

  4. High Chick glad to hear you are back in training because you are right is won’t be long. You’ll be on safari paddling for what will seem like ever. I have been thinking about all the possibilities for river songs. Truly there is but one! This is a fly fishing site after all. We are all true blue red blooded Americans from every corner of this land. I want to inspire team paddle fish to believe anything is possible. To believe dreams can come true and you can do what ever is in your mind and heart to do. I believe team paddle fish will do well because after you did let me squeeze those biceps! Boys and girls after all this training our fearless leader will be able to paddle a Hyde upstream! Ok enough feathers for your pillow and lets get back to the song. You know I am hooked up with Project Healing water and I am a vet. So here you go the only river song you will need For those of you that have never been to the web site please visit You’ll be glad you did my best to team paddle fish you are going to do great! Mike

  5. Mike–great comment! thanks for sharing the link to Project Healing Waters video. Feel very proud that we are raising $$ for such a good chariy. Project Playlist doesn’t have that song so we’ll all just have to revisit that video to enjoy

    TTD–you beat me to it! was searching for “Up On Cripple Creek” in my files just last night. Added.

  6. any time I hear about river and song at the same time I think about the indomitable Tina Turned singing and dancing to Proud Mary and “rolling down the river” on a drif boat

  7. Black Water… the Doobies! Great song to just sit and fish by. I do believe the harmonies attract the bass!

  8. Chick,

    Ah how the memory worsens as you get older!

    Ride the River -Clapton & Cale that I suggested a couple months ago.

    That’s OK though-I have the same problem

  9. I just discovered my new favorite river song the other day. It’s “Old and Lost Rivers” by Tobias Picker. More ethereal than most songs on this list. I’ll probably get beat up for suggesting it.

  10. Hey Mark Coleman…
    Thanks for the info on the Bodeans. I will have to check that out. I’ve loved the Bodeans for a long time!

    I see Texas Ride Song is not on Playlist but the other two would be list worthy, I believe. Good Things or Closer to Free.

  11. Along the coast THE TIDE has an influence on the rivers, so how do you like this song?

    Couldn’t resist a little jab at a college football fan whose blog has been noticeably silent on the final score of a certain CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL GAME last Thursday night! Of course you may want to play Cry Me A River following this selection.

  12. the silence is not coincidence. was very blue about the Longhorn loss in the championship game. Hated to see Colt go down like that. But was very proud to be a Texas fan, they held it together pretty darn well all things considered

    Begrudgingly, Little Chick and I did place an immediate phone call — a show of good sportsmanship — just minutes after the game ended, congratulating The Tide as National Champs. It was a storybook season for Alabama for sure.

    but at this point the silence has more to do with my real team…The Tarheels. Rebuilding years are brutal.

    Most importantly, love all the good river songs yall! keep em coming! If I can find them on project playlist they are getting added there, if not, I am putting them on my ipod. will be working out in a new gym tomorrow and it will be nice to have some new music to listen to on the rowing machine!!

  13. It seems to me that you’ve got an encyclopedic knowledge of lots of styles of modern music! It then becomes more about how to list them. I’d have to put Robbies, “Down along the Crazy River” closer to or at the top, ’cause I can feel the blue train coming along, now.
    I might add another Grateful Dead song. I can never get enough. It’s obtuse, but how about “Ripple” and/or “Box of Rain”? Thanks.

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