Hello My Name Is Chaos And I Will Be Your Server Today

Sometimes you go to a restaurant and your waiter takes everyone’s order with his hands folded behind his back, nodding and smiling at the selections without writing down a single thing. I always wonder nervously if it’s going to work out, and miraculously, most of the time it does.

But sometimes your server totally screws you.

Such is this case this week with our web server. This site was down most of the day yesterday. It’s live again but recent posts are missing. I am having trouble loading posts with pictures. Old posts are mysteriously being emailed out to subscribers. Egad.

My apologies to the Outdoor Channel who posted a link to my most recent post and sent thousands of viewers to a page that the server has since 86-ed somewhere in the alley behind the kitchen with the fry cook who’s recently out on parole and probably high and spitting in everyone’s food.

Many thanks to Tom Chandler at the Trout Underground who graciously hosts this site and is in the trenches trying to right all of these server wrongs.

So bear with me friends. We are going to be serving things family style for awhile here. Meaning we’ll get what we get and we’ll just have to be happy about it, focusing instead on sparkling conversations and lots of laughs.

Cin Cin!

8 Responses to “Hello My Name Is Chaos And I Will Be Your Server Today”
  1. SmellsLikeFish says:

    It’s not like Chandler sleeps anyway…

  2. corvus says:

    Finally something to keep him off the river…!

  3. Jim@FFO says:

    We’ve had our site on GoDaddy for 5 years and never a hiccup(knocks wood). I’m told that Squarespace.com is the shizzle for blogging software as well and it allows imports from WordPress blogs.
    Good luck whichever way you folks end up going.

  4. Monty Montana says:

    Ah the hell with all this techno shit…let’s have a beer, tie some flies and meet FFC, Tom and Singlebarbed on the river and fish.

    Or here’s a grand idea…FFC could whip up some cupcakes and we could all dance.

    (went to the dentist and I’m a little buzzed after surgery)

    Monty Montana

  5. Chris_O says:

    Sorry to hear about the server problems. Some hosting companies are not set up to handle WordPress sites. Hopefully there is a good back up laying around somewhere.

  6. sh*t happens, we’ll get over it and love you just the same, now go paddle around and get some training!

  7. topper says:

    FYI, I received one of those emails. When I went to the main link, nothing was there.
    Hope you get it worked out.
    Loved your analogy!

  8. Gil Blue says:

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