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Since the server has been acting bewitchy and I haven’t caught a fish to write about in ages, I’ve taken to cleaning out my desk drawers instead of writing blogposts. Okay fine, so we all know I wasn’t really cleaning, but I was in fact rifling through a drawer searching for a piece of stationery and the remnants of a checkbook so I could pay a bill to one of my few analog holdout utilities. That’s when I stumbled across a business card that totally makes me smile.


A couple of years ago during my first-ever visit to Banditos in Virginia City Montana, a guy named Rosy came up to the bar where we were eating queso fundito and drenching our organs in margaritas and handed us this hand-crafted, hand-cut business card. With a packed bar of strangers focused on our conversation, Rosy urged me to pick a number so I smiled politely and answered, “Well, um…number 3?”

At which point he flipped the business card over:


Alright alright, laugh if you will, your time will come. No doubt a wave of hearty laughter rippled down the length of that bar full of locals. (Methinks Rosy had pulled that trick before on other Banditos rookies.) But really, I’d like to point out how much I love this business card! There are too many reasons to list. So let’s just start with his many professions.

Auto delivery, Bartending, Courier, Fencer (Jackleg only), Indian Artwork, Lawn Maintenance, Motorcycle Rides, Private Detective. It seems Rosy wears more hats than someone trying to support themselves in the fly fishing industry.

Rosy’s copious list of professional services is evocative of the table I’ve purchased at this year’s upcoming Fly Fishing Film Tour Industry Pre-Party. I will be at one of the first tables near the entrance spreading the word and peddling a sundry of fly fishing and river-related passion projects, including FlyFishChick the blog, Pro Outfitters, Team Paddlefish, Class V Fishing, maybe Hatch reels. I don’t know what else will be piled on. But it seems I will have the gypsy caravan table of the pre-party for sure.

Which reminds me of a very important announcement I have to share with each of you: Tickets to the Austin Fly Fishing Film Tour are on sale online NOW!

We are not selling them on the Drake site this year, you must purchase tickets via our venue, The Alamo Drafthouse. So click here to purchase your tickets now! Anyone remember last year? The Austin sell-out? Our very own sponsors didn’t have tickets to the show last year. Trust me, those guys aren’t making the same mistake twice so the table sponsors are literally clamoring toward their online shopping cart as we speak. So grab these babies while they are hot off the press because they won’t last long.

Which begs the question…what are YOU going to be doing on Tuesday April 27th?

Pick a number:

1. Grouting the tub while watching a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon on Bravo

2. Translating Izaak Walton’s Compleat Angler into Farsi

3. Attending the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour in Austin TX

4. Combing the mall for the ideal shade of blush-colored silk ribbon to compliment the gift wrap paper you are going to hand make in order to wrap the Mothers Day gifts you have no doubt already woven from scratch on the tabletop loom you purchased from the Home Shopping Network

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Rosy was spot on.

5 Responses to “Pick A Number”
  1. Tosh says:


  2. Dean Burris says:

    Me too! I bet we have a sell out again this year.

  3. Mark says:

    Is he related to a boy named Sue?

  4. Rodster says:

    Number 2 and then Number 3.

  5. Derik D says:

    Got Em’ thanks for the heads up!

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