Just In Time For An Oscar Nod

P7220219 The Headhunters episode of ‘Adventure Guides’ airs this weekend on the Outdoor Channel with a brief fishing cameo from your truly.

Actually, it first aired this morning but I missed it because I was busy hoisting my canoe down to the water about to do an interview on Team Paddlefish for our local CBS affiliate. Can you believe I had my first ever television debut twice in one day? What are the odds?

No matter if you missed Adventure Guides this morning, because it airs again two more times this weekend on the Outdoor Channel. Here are few nuggets of info to keep in mind:

  • If you have Direct TV, The Outdoor Channel is 606
  • The episode airs FRIDAY Feb 26th at 11pm est / 10pm cst
  • It airs again SATURDAY Feb 27th at 11.30am est / 10.30am cst
  • My good buddy Mark Raisler of Headhunters in Craig MT is the total star of the episode along with the fish and the Missouri River itself. We had a good day on the water and caught a few nice fish so hopefully that’s fun to relive onscreen

That’s about it, friends. Set your TIVOs, pop some corn, and enjoy the show!

(Now I just have to find someplace with the Outdoor Channel to watch it.)

9 Responses to “Just In Time For An Oscar Nod”
  1. Monty Montana says:

    Way to cool…drive all night thru snow and rain, dead ass tired but duty and work calls…slug through the day and finally, pour the Tequila, kick off the boots, Ah shit 15 minutes before the news starts so what now…what’s recorded? Hot Damn “Adventure Guides” and who do I see in the first 25 seconds? Yep “The Chick” and what a gorgeous smile. Oh and Marks there also but …acceptence speach please.
    Nice show and our girl shines…love that laugh.

    Monty Montana

  2. k8 says:

    I can’t wait to see your smiling face on TV!

  3. Dustbowl Don says:

    This gives me something to look forward to on a cold wintery day.

  4. Derik D says:

    What time are they airing you on CBS here in Austin? No DTV here so thats a bummer, oh well sandies are running in the Perd, later.

  5. Monty–you are too much. your message makes my day! am so happy you enjoyed it

    hope everyone likes it! fingers crossed I will catch it somewhere tomorrow

    Derek–the KEYE interview aired yesterday afternoon here in ATX but you can see part of it here:

    apparently the theme this week is FFC TV!!

  6. Laura Mason says:

    hey! we are 2nd cousins! I’m David Mason’s daughter. I just moved to Great Falls Montana and we LOVE to fish! I’d love to get together sometime when the weather is nice again! I’ve heard great things about your parents and am so happy to find a cousin who loves fishing as much as I do! Email me anytime!

  7. knock me over with a feather! LAURA!! so wonderful that you found your way to FFC…and more importantly…to MONTANA! My mother told me you were in Great Falls. I am thrilled. We will definitely float the Missouri together this summer. I haven’t seen you in ages! Love to your family and thanks so much for your message. stay in touch, Cuz — and see you this summer on the water.

  8. Eric says:

    Just watched the episode..that was by far the best I’ve seen to date. You are too cute on camera. Mark looks like an awesome guide and person. One day I’ll book a date with him.

  9. SOL says:

    Thanks FFC…you are a star…all the time. Hope to see you soon…Always have time for a drink @ Joe’s, or a cast or two!

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