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FFC TAVERN Thanks so much to all of you for tuning in to watch ‘Adventure Guides’ on The Outdoor Channel this past weekend. I appreciate all of your kind comments, I really do. It’s all in good fun of course. But I was excited to see the show! With short notice I was hard-pressed to finagle a deal with the cable company to add a sports package to my bare bone basic cable. I gave it my best effort, but honestly I was so crazed last week that when I heard “come in to one of our Time Warner locations and pick up your cable box” I simply stopped listening.

So I had to secure a place to watch the episode! I decided to call the absolute greatest sports bar in the whole world, The Tavern at 12th & Lamar. I’ve been watching Carolina basketball games here for decades and delight in the fact there is still a sports bar on the planet with a little character. They have the Outdoor Channel and were thrilled to host me for my television debut on the Outdoor Channel. Only problem? The show aired at 10:30 central Saturday morning and The Tavern doesn’t open until 11am.

breaking entering

Breaking and entering is not actually my strong suit, sweet talk is more my forte. So with a little please please please and thank you thank you thank you we were granted permission to get inside the Tavern before opening so we could watch the episode. As you can see, now that I am a big time television star, the crowds of fans and paparazzi that follow me around are downright relentless.


Luckily the Professor was in town to serve as bodyguard. But he seems awfully enthralled with the fishing on television and not exactly keeping a keen watch for incoming paparazzi.

prof1  prof2

Of course the truth is my friend Mark from Headhunters in Craig MT is the true star of this episode. Having known Mark for over ten years I can say he is every bit as fun-loving as he comes across in this show. And fishy to boot.


Big thank you to Don at the Tavern who let us sneak in the back entrance, allowed us to come in before opening, and got the show all squared away on the big fancy tele.


I’d also like to extend a big thank you to John Dietsch, the host of Adventure Guides for inviting me to be on the show; Tim Cash who shot and edited the episode and truly captured the spirit of the Missouri; everyone at The Outdoor Channel; and of course Mark Raisler and John Arnold at Headhunters who made filming this episode nothing more than a day of fishing the Missouri with friends.

As it should be.

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  1. Kirk says:

    Awesome! I’m glad you broke into the bar and filmed the episode because I wasn’t able to tune in to watch it this weekend. I suppose I could have “Tevo’d” it, but I don’t have one of those and wouldn’t know how to use it if I did. Great stuff, and nice fishes!

  2. Alabama flygirl says:

    The Prof looks pretty imposing…good thing none of those people tried to mess with you!
    Glad you finally got to see it!

  3. You’re underselling yourself. That was way more than a cameo. You should also be complimented on the steady camerawork while filming the TV.

  4. Fishing Jones, appreciate the nod to my steady-handed (albeit narcissistic) filming of the tv screen during my segment.

    Here’s a behind-the-scenes fun fact…when the two guides Mark and John were fishing in the boat, yours truly was rowing the camera boat. Much more nervewracking assignment than fishing on film. I could have really screwed that up!

    Appreciate all the fun comments and feedback. Yall are the best!

  5. Harry says:

    And so a new star is born! Where does the line form for autographed pictures?

    Thanks for posting the video- I wasn’t able to catch it on TV this weekend. And it was way more than just a cameo appearance. Who knows where this could lead.

  6. Mike Herron says:

    Well, Had I known you were going to turn out to be such a fly fishing TV STAR I would have made some over the top gesture when I met you! Like prior to our meeting in Nashville maybe I would have gotten a Fly Fish Chick tat to show my support. Gee at a minimum I would have gotten you to sign a body part and then had it photographed! We thought you just wrote a fun and informative blog with great pictures of friends and family. I feel like I missed out on something…….. However I have to say it was classic when you spun around for the camera boat with a famous Fly Fish Chick “Grip and Grin”! Holding yet another Missouri Monster! Hey are you sure there weren’t frog men under the water hooking those trout up for you! After all it was TV… Ok I’ll quit fooling with you great show nice casts and catches. You came across great on the not so small screen. It was a ton of fun watching a friend catching fish on the tube. It made me kinda envious I still have over a foot of snow in the yard. I have tied up everything but the cats for this coming year. One more snow fall and I’ll be ready for the rubber room. Once again great job on the show and with the fish. One more thing Penns Creek out of Coburn PA MAY/JUNE. You wouldn’t regret it… the fishing is great. Remember most of the world does get to fish Montana! Tight Lines Mike

  7. Derik D says:

    Awesome chick. I live a block away from the Tavern now why didnt I think of that?

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