Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

I am traveling to Mobile tomorrow and working on my packing list:


Now as yall know, I’ve had more than just a wee bit of bad luck with the weather getting in the way of recent winter redfishing attempts in Louisiana. But we are all set, once again, to fish in Hopedale this Sunday with Travis Holeman. Catching a Louisiana redfish has become a little bit like looking for the holy grail, but I am undeterred. Although one could argue I’ve lost all reasonable perspective on this topic. So I’m curious what you think…

Should I pack fishing clothes or church clothes for Sunday?

Either way I must remember to take my flash drive because it has my power point presentation on it. Anyone in the Mobile area is welcome to come see my slideshow at the Bay Area Fly Fishers monthly meeting – but no heckling. It is next Tuesday March 9th at 5:30pm at Dreamland BBQ.

Am I forgetting anything?

3 Responses to “Einstein’s Definition of Insanity”
  1. you go girl. I have about the same luck as you do with those LA reds. Break bad on them. Photos and film at 11

  2. Melissa says:

    Fishing clothes or church clothes? Hmm, if anyone can pull off wearing both at the same time (with an abundance of flair), it’s you! Throw on your pink flamingo scarf, wig and flashy sunglasses and go for it whatever you end up doing. You’ll either mesmerize the fish or spice up the congregation.

    Aaah, I really wish I could come and watch one of your presentations. If you want to make a trip to Colorado, you know who to call. And Griffin will take you fishing on a private spot on the Colorado River. Plus, he has an awesome fiancé and 2 very cool river dogs. You and the professor would have a ball. Guaranteed! (Put it on your list of things to do.)

    Good luck, girl!

  3. Lucky says:

    bon chance, buena suerte, and bouna fortuna!

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