Ribs With A Side Of Trout

This past Tuesday I did a slideshow presentation for the Bay Area Fly Fishers in Mobile Alabama. The group meets monthly at Dreamland Barbecue to nosh on ribs, enjoy some beer, and talk about fishing. Sounds pretty dreamy – or dreamlandy—to me! I told stories about floating and camping on the Smith River and Blackfoot River in Montana.

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Of course it’s always a treat to be invited to speak and share stories, but I truly enjoy talking with everyone at these events and hearing about their fishing adventures. I met this guy, Edward Inge, who recently moved back to Mobile from Nashville so needless to say we had lots of common water and friends to talk about. Edward will be presenting at the May BAFF meeting, talking about his trip to Alaska.


Of course all my best chicks came out in full force, fully regaled in western wear, blond wigs and fishing garb. You have to love a group of busy moms (I think there are something like twenty-one children amongst us, not including grandchildren!) who steal any moments they can to plan a fishing trip. After the presentation we tucked into a booth and put pen to paper to wrestle through busy summer schedules and confirm dates for our 2nd annual Chicks Fishing Trip in Montana. Leave it to these girls. We got it all set!

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I had a ball. Many thanks to everyone at the Bay Area Fly Fishers group who extended me so much hospitality!

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