Bone of Contention

day 3 fish

I would like to log a formal complaint to Someone In Charge: Why exactly did my bonefishing trip have to end?

We had a spectacular time in Exuma. This year, for the first time ever Little Chick was invited to come along on the annual bonefishing trip. She loved it! And it was a treat to have her with us.

duo day 3 fish duck

The weather improved just as we arrived, the sun came out and warmed up the air and the water and fish were schooling up nicely. We had three solid days of great fishing, and two that were come ci come ca. All in all, we’ll call that a victory!

Unfortunately I am short on time so the slideshow will have to tell the story for now. Cheers…

14 Responses to “Bone of Contention”
  1. Monty Montana says:

    WTH..with a capital “W”…on the 14th you are paddeling your posterier off in Texas…training she says…
    Ok loyal readers by into that…all is cool, and then……………………..get the point NOTHING for days again.
    So I round up the cupcake possee and head out …only to get a note, “she aint home” (again).

    and now this …mom, great shot, little chick Sweeeeet as alwys and”the smile” what can be said….but that professor Dude is getting in way to many photos.
    Complaint (less explination) is filed.
    Glad you all had a great (and safe) trip.
    These personal fishing instructions via a “professor” somethng is fishie here.

    Monty Montana

  2. Mtn Mike says:

    I really enjoyed this.

  3. Tosh says:

    Nice job Chick(s). Looks like the new Flip video got a workout.

  4. james says:

    ….boom chacha lacka boom….good job!

  5. Harry says:

    Uhh- Monty I think most everyone has figured out the professor Dude’s role already.

    Looks like you all had a great time. I am officially jealous.

  6. for the record, the only people on this trip were my mom, my dad, Little Chick & moi. although the Professor was there in spirit and his recent influence on my forward cast (“Stop It Up High!”….”Push it to the Horizon, not the water!”) was on the trip too as I was casting pretty well…until the last day when the wind got hold of me and the wheels came off

  7. Banning says:

    Little Chick is doing well. I look forward to her writing casting techniques book, “Casting from the third generation”.

  8. AFF-Todd says:

    What a great mom! A Spring Break Little Chick will remember for ever!

  9. doug brooker says:

    great video….my 12 year old son and i are going to acsention bay next month… will be his first fly rod trip….im just hopeing he can hold up for eight hour days……p.s…….he wants to go fishing with you and your daughter

  10. That is adorable. Tell him Little Chick wants to know how he enjoys it. I was worried about her on the boat out there for 8 hours as well. But she was enthralled with it. She saw stingray and sharks and bonefish and grouper. She was great on the boat. I thought she would go out for 1 day — she went out for four.

  11. Mike says:

    Great video, really …

  12. austin sista says:

    Okay…LOVE the video!!! What a fabulous MOM you are!!!!

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