Our Lady of The Guadalupe

tiff guad 01 Last weekend Little Chick and I ventured down to Gruene with some friends to shop, see bluebonnets and hear the Belleville Outfit play at Gruene Hall. But the first thing we did when we arrived in town? Visit my friend Tiffany at Gruene Outfitters.

Tiffany Fluitt owns and operates Gruene Outfitters which offers all the flyfishing equipment you could ever need for Central Texas fishing, as well as clothing, shoes, hats and all sorts of outdoor gear and apparel. While most of us would just be content with the fly tackle, Tiffany is all about getting people off the couch and outside, so her store is stocked for anyone who is stepping out and getting active.

tiff guad 05 But make no mistake. This girl can fish. Trout, bass, redfish tarpon…Tiffany is the reel deal when you put her on the water and she has a flyrod in her hand, she gets it done. Women around Austin who are curious about toedipping into the realm of flyfishing but are somewhat intimidated should cruise into Gruene Outfitters and spend a few minutes talking with Tiffany and let her get you started. She is officially the patron saint of our local trout stream, The Guadalupe – after all it’s right in her backyard.

Which is why I am particularly excited to announce that Tiffany and Gruene Outfitters are officially sponsors for Team Paddlefish. The race (which is a mere 85 days away by the way….ah!) starts not far from Gruene on the San Marcos River but converges with the Guadalupe River which we will travel all the way to the coast. Our training is really ramping up in these final 10 weeks and so are the costs for gear so this sponsorship from Gruene Outfitters has helped fund our backup paddle and lighting system – both will be critical for this race.

Thank you Tiffany for your generosity and BEST WISHES this weekend. That’s right, Tiffany is getting married!! I haven’t met her fiancé but he sounds like a real catch…not only will they be fishing on their honeymoon but he hand-tooled and painted this badass redfishing belt. I tried to suggest she carry them in the store but she was quick to point out it took him a very long time to make so this will likely be the only one. Hmmm, patience. Somehow I need to sit down with this overachieving Fiancé and find a way to commission one of these belts for myself.

tiff guad 02  tiff guad 03

In the meantime I will try to choke down my belt envy and simply say once again THANK YOU Tiffany for the sponsorship and CONGRATULAIONS on your wedding. All the best from Little Chick & FFC…

tiff guad 04

3 Responses to “Our Lady of The Guadalupe”
  1. Fred says:

    That chick needs to open up a shop near my place. The 2 we have are owned by old grumpy men. I think sales in the area would skyrocket with her in charge.

  2. Alabama flygirl says:

    Very cool belt! Congrats on another sponsor. Go Team Paddlefish!

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