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I must say, my friend Clif grills up a mean steak on the Green Egg – arguably the perfect way to top off an afternoon we all spent trout fishing on some spring creeks in Montana a few summers ago. But that’s not all he has up his sleeve. With his new online publishing venture, The Contemporary Sportsman, Clif and his editorial team are serving up all sorts of delectable goodies for the passionate outdoorsman. Well-crafted stories, compelling photography, and the ever-favorite restaurant spotlight for the foodie in all of us.

cover The debut issue of this new online magazine was topnotch. But the recently-released second issue just arrived on computer screens everywhere, and it is particularly fishalicious. It’s heavy-handed on the trout, which of course aok with yours truly. It includes photography by dear friend and publisher Tosh Brown, a detailed article on the Missouri River, and a spread on the restaurant NoJa where I enjoyed a scrumptious meal a few years back on my first trip to Mobile.

Pitter pat.

So elbows off the table, get those napkins in your lap. Then dive on into the second issue of The Contemporary Sportsman. Cin! Cin!

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  1. Clif says:

    As a fellow (and unique) Clif, I commend you for not adding the second F to your friend’s name. Most people don’t take the time to get it right.

    It’s how I sort out the people who care. Your friend may do the same, and he now knows you care.

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