Life and Limb

P4140191 Banning and I paddled the San Marcos today and had an absolute blast. Lots of obstacles and tricks & turns. The main theme of the day was trees. Hanging down in our faces, jutting up straight from the bottom of the river, growing horizontally across the river, fallen down and totally blocking our path. Log jams, branches, twigs, bark, leaves…we encountered it all day.

Highlights Reel? Well, we got stuck on a rock and deftly unstuck ourselves before tumping, navigated a few rapids (quite nicely I am pleased to allow), portaged two dams, limboed below two low water crossings, chased some cattle out of the way, lost my shoe in some soft mud while scouting a portage, almost stepped on a rotting raccoon carcass, saw an owl, heard a turkey gobble, and got tangled up in some fishing line that was hanging from a tree.

Arguably the diciest (and most comedic) event of our day was getting stuck on a tree. That’s right, stuck on a tree. Just above the water. In between a few other tree trunks and limbs and all sorts of leafy chaos. I really don’t have the words to describe the cluster that landed us stuck like a seesaw atop a tree trunk that was growing straight out from the steep bank, but the highlight was when I wiggled carefully from the boat in attempt to dislodge it, slipped, and wound up wrapped around the horizontal tree trunk like a koala bear clinging to it with my arms and legs, desperately trying to avoid falling in the river.

P4140190 What’s our Team Paddlefish tagline again? “Ain’t Nothin’ Pretty About It.” Truer words…

Somehow I regained composure and we both exercised some balance-beam circus-acts on the tree trunks, unwedged the canoe, and made our way safely onward — laughing hysterically.

59 days until The Texas Water Safari…

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  1. Melissa says:

    Great post! I love hearin’ the dirty details. Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just cause “there ain’t nothin’ pretty about it” doesn’t mean the big picture ain’t pretty. Go, Team Paddlefish, go!

    You need a YouTube team. I’d like some daily video updates. Hmmmm? Is someone going to take footage of the race? What do you think? I could do that. Oooh, maybe it’ll end up a movie. Staring Matthew McConaughey and Cathrine Zeta Jones.

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