Zero Budget For Seat Fillers

seat filler The Austin Fly Fishing Film Tour is just around the corner and while ticket sales have been on fuego since Day One, there are still tickets for sale online. Please make note that we are trying to raise money for charity so there isn’t a slush fund to hire fancy schmancy seat fillers to sit in empty places in the theater. If there is a spot available on the day of the show, you can only imagine who I might pull off the streets to plant his kaboos right next to you for two hours of flyfishing films.

Leslie’s freckly behind?

The Lizardman’s scales?

Needless to say it is in your best interest to help us to sell these tickets and fill these seats so tell a friend, grab a date, peer over your cubicle wall and buddy up to an otherwise distant co-worker. What about that neighbor who has casually mentioned an interest in fishing? What about your father-in-law with whom you struggle to find common activities?

Bottom line? I’m not afraid to cross the line and plant any shocking bottom next to yours so this is your chance to recruit people to a fun party. I mean film show. I mean party.

Spread the word and get your crowd to buy their tickets online now.

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