After a great day on the water in the Bahamas my dad and I were loitering around the dock waiting for my mom and Little Chick to retrieve us. Okay, truth be told he was dealing with all the gear, I was loitering. And I found this sun-bleached little crab claw…

4 thoughts on “CRABZILLA

  1. Ah…it’s Monday and I have a severe hang over due to a late night tying session to complete an order.
    No coffee and the phone won’t quit ringing…so I have no time to think…what the hell is the name of the song and band…it is stuck in my Tequila soaked mind and I can’t remember.

    what use to be… Monty Montana

  2. Brings to mind an old saying about “simple pleasures for-????. How the heck did that saying go? Oh well, I’m sure it has no connection here.

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