Playing Chicken With a Goose

P4220196 Banning and I paddled 40 miles on the San Marcos today, so it’s hard to think all the way back to this morning when we were in the City Park parking lot gearing up and being harassed by a goose who was essentially trying to canoe-jack us. Banning got sick of it and decided to stand his ground versus the goose. You can judge for yourself how well that went down…

8 thoughts on “Playing Chicken With a Goose

  1. Oh yes. I know that web footed friend well. This time of year, it is best to take aim with bread balls, while your partner loads the floater. Then peddle like the wind.

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  4. Man, I miss the San Marcos…
    I went to school when it was still SWT (out from upstate NY). Think about that place a lot.

    Good luck in the Safari. Keep up the great posts.

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