Triple Entendre: Run Off

Since I haven’t posted in awhile I thought I would cover a good bit of ground by bringing back the Triple Entendre. This post we’re looking at various meanings for the phrase Run Off.

RUN OFF – As in Run Off and Join The Witness Protection Program or Maybe Even The Circus

So if you’ve been around FFC for awhile you know I tend to disappear in the month of May. End of school brings a frenzy of activities, PTA forms, field trips, tests, sleepovers, camp prep, track and field, computer pageants, etc etc. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, May is the new December. Throw in a broken computer and car repairs and I am ripe for a nervous breakdown.

Of course this May has been extra dense with action. Mother’s Day Weekend I did a presentation at Sportsmans Finest flyshop here in Austin. It was a treat to break from training and errands and work and spend half a day talking with fellow anglers about fishing in Montana. Here I am with my mom who was visiting, Little Chick, and good friend Ted from Sportsmans:

exuma 002

And of course I’ve been just a wee bit busy preparing for this little race…The Texas Water Safari. You may have heard of it. It’s less than THREE WEEKS AWAY!! Can you believe it? I apologize if any of you have emailed me in the past few months and I haven’t replied, I am literally at capacity. I really did have a mini nervous breakdown last weekend trying to figure out how to get everything accomplished and considered running off to join the circus or the witness protection program.

(Then again maybe I’m already in the witness protection program and this whole Fly Fish Chick gig is my cover.)

At any rate, there was no time for a mental health breakdown and frankly my todo list couldn’t handle picking a circus or contacting the FBI for witness protection, much less dream up a mafia crime I would have witnessed, so I decided to put my head down and plow through it.

Last week was another milestone for Team Paddelfish. We did a three-day training run. 45 miles the first day, 38 the next, and 26 on the third. All in all it went well, though the 26 miles was definitely on the hardest part of the race route. Lots of twists and turns and rapids and branches to dodge. But we did it, 3 days. Now can we do 262 in 100 hours?

Here’s a picture of Banning – I sort of left him hanging in the middle of portaging this dam because I had to snap this photo:

exuma 046

And here’s our streamside boat repair. I was in charge of bringing the duct tape…as you can probably surmise, I borrowed some from Little Chick.

exuma 054

RUN OFF – As in Run Off the Treadmill and Almost Break My Neck

I am not a runner. I am simply not built for it. And I really do not enjoy it. Frankly I abhor it.

When we decided to do this race last June, we were talking about all the training that would be required. Banning suggested we’d have to be able to run three or four miles. Ha! I about fell off my chair. I could barely run three songs on the ipod. Literally, I could run one mile and I did it slower than I could walk it. (I am an oddly fast walker, who knows why?) I can do two hours on the rowing machine… I am going to paddle 262 miles…but I cringe at the idea of running one mile.

Well, as of this morning I can run three miles. I still despise it. But I can do it. I’m not fast at it. But I can do it.

I think I’ve been able to get from one mile to three miles in the last few weeks because I’ve had so much on my mind to distract me. Today I was about 2.5 miles into my 3-mile run and I was completely consumed with thoughts of my todo list: getting race numbers for the boat, figuring out the GPS, do we have enough battery life for the lights, a tinge of fear about paddling at night on the San Marcos, kicking myself because I forgot to get one of these at REI yesterday so now I have to go back (I’m obviously not excited about having to use one), etc, etc, etc.

I was so rattled by thoughts of my to do list that I had a misstep on the treadmill, fell forward, knocked into the display and almost broke my neck and twisted my ankle. I was unnerved at the thought of ‘what if’…..what if after all of this training I hurt myself three weeks out by falling on the treadmill. Ugh!

Clearly I need to relax, stay healthy, avoid injuries, and take some things off this todo list. On that note, here are three things that I can knock out right now because they involve keeping yall in the loop:

#1 – Remind yall that Tosh will be posting updates during the race on our Team Paddlefish facebook page. Please bookmark this page, or better yet, hit the LIKE button and join our facebook page so you can see the real time updates during the race. He might even have pictures.

#2 – FYI. The Professor is going to do less frequent blogposts here on FFC during the race. Once again, the Team Paddlefish facebook page is going to be the place for real time updates as we pass viewing points and checkpoints, but hopefully The Professor will be able to give a daily update here as well.

#3 – It’s not to late to contribute to my charity! I have already raised $3,174 toward finding a cure for Rett Syndrome. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated, I literally tear up every time someone makes a pledge. But my goal is $5000 so I am not done yet! Racing for this worthy cause has been an invaluable inspiration on tough training days. And it has been a beautiful message and learning experience for Little Chick who has taken fundraising and service to a new level for a ten-year old. So if you have $10 to spare, there are some Rett families who would deeply appreciate your effort and sacrifice. Click here if you are so inspired.

RUN OFF – As in Spring Fishing While Snow is Melting and Run Off Swells Western Rivers

In the spirit of relaxation and calming my frayed nerves, I am going to run off to Montana for Memorial Day for a few days. Run off will likely be in full force so I’m not sure how the fishing will be, but I really don’t care. A little fishing, grilling out, watching movies. Of course I will keep up the training and healthy nutrition, but it will be a nice reprieve from errands galore.

So that’s the report friends. Even if they are quick bursts, I will try to update here on FFC more regularly as the race nears because I cherish your comments and messages – I have the best crowd of cheerleaders on the planet and I am eternally grateful for all of your support! So stayed tuned…hopefully I will have a fish to talk about in the near future.

7 Responses to “Triple Entendre: Run Off”
  1. Melissa says:

    If it’s any consolation, I turn 60 (OMG, I actually said it — I haven’t done that yet) on Memorial Day. Please don’t tell anyone. Seriously.

    Glad you didn’t chip a tooth or break a leg in your tangle with the treadmill. I don’t like those things either. And I’m with you on the running. I’d rather climb a 14,000 foot peak than run 3 miles.

    Go, team, go! Love the new hats.

  2. Go get em Chick! PS I hate running too ;)

  3. Mike Herron says:

    Hang in there, it does sound like your to do list is way to long. Get focused cut back on the list one thing at a time. After your tumble while running you have to to know you have got to remain focused on individual tasks. My mind works like that some times I get to thinking about multiple tasks and screw them all up. Beside we like our Fly Fish Chick casting and rowing. Not bouncing off displays and riding to the hospital. Just how many Fly Fish Chicks do you think we have? I believe in you, you will do great in the race it is inspiring for your legions of loyal fans. Remember chick one thing at a time one day at a time. Oh and by all means enjoy Montana! I am headed for Colorado to see my son’s family at the end of the week. Of course waders and a few fly rods will be packed for the trip. Take care good luck we believe in you! Mike

  4. Mark says:

    Serenity now!
    You are definitely an inspiration — treadmills: can’t get off of ‘em, can’t stay on ‘em! Sounds like you got it together and have a great support team!!!! Missed the posts – but understandable. I am rooting for Team Paddlefish! You guys are going to breeze it!
    All the best!

  5. Jersey says:

    Well, as of this morning I can run three miles. I still despise it. But I can do it. I’m not fast at it. But I can do it.

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  7. Not bouncing off displays and riding to the hospital. Just how many Fly Fish Chicks do you think we have? I believe in you, you will do great in the race it is inspiring for your legions of loyal fans.

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