Of All The Gin Joints

Today was our first day in Montana and we’d planned a full schedule of errands in Dillon. I was even going to hit the YMCA bright and early to knock out two hours of exercise.

But a nutty travel day landed me here in MT in the middle of the nite with no luggage, no workout clothes, and frankly feeling awfully worn down. So we opted instead for errands at a more leisurely pace.

We serviced the car, grabbed a few things at Frontier Anglers, had a delicious lunch at Sweetwater Cafe, then decided to join the crowds at the Memorial Day sale at the Patagonia Outlet.

Just as we walk in, the Professor spots our buddy Miles Nolte. For some reason we both clicked into subterfuge mode and decided to pull a little gag.

So we hid behind a clothing rack, shanghaied some passerby, and asked her to approach Miles and ask for his autograph. She was brilliant, saddling up to him, “Pardon me, are you the famous writer of The Alaska Chronicles? May I have your autograph?”

Just as Miles was about pull a sharpee from the fishing lanyard around his neck, we pounced from behind the rack and scared the hell out of him.

We had a good laugh, (okay, you got me, he didnt have a sharpee–but wad he was very gracious to the woman.) We were delighted to meet his girlfriend, and all in all it was the highlight of our errands in Dillon.

After groceries, gas and fishing licenses, we motored over to Twin Bridges to grab a few more fishy provisions at Four Rivers where ran into ANOTHER fishing-blogger-writer-friend, Kirk Werner. Kirk wrote the book Olive The Woolly Booger and was kind enough to share a copy with Little Chick a few years back. She loooves Olive the woollybugger!

I’d never met Kirk in person before but he figured out who we were and we had a good hearted catch up. To bring things full circle, tomorrow he’s fishing with our friend Joe, aka Superguide.

It’s a small world out here in big sky country.

2 Responses to “Of All The Gin Joints”
  1. Tosh says:

    The rare and exhilarating Gaper encounter. One never knows where that lanky hominid might turn up next…

  2. Kirk says:

    And what a pleasure it was to finally meet you and The Professor, in a one horse town (maybe not even that) in Montana. Hope your fishing was great- we opted for the Beaverhead because the Big Hole had spiked. Superguide put us on some hogs and we had a blast. Meeting you was the hilight of the trip, however ; )

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