I’ve Been Following Mack Brown Around for the Better Part of Four Decades

brownsMack Brown played football for Vanderbilt in 1970 when I arrived on the scene in Nashville, TN – as a newborn.

Much later as a college freshman in 1989, I arrived in Chapel Hill just one year after Mack Brown took over as head coach there for the Tarheels.

In 2000, I was two years behind Mack when I followed him to Austin.

And now, in 2010, I am a mere 22-pages behind him in the June issue of Tribeza Magazine.

cover article

Mack and his wife are on the cover of Tribeza’s June Outdoor & Sports issue, while yours truly has a little blurb in the EXPOSED section.

Many thanks to my dear friend and freelance writer Sarah Wittenbraker who wrote the piece with grace and humor. Much gratitude to editor Lauren Smith Ford for taking an interest in my quest for the Texas Water Safari, I’m honored she selected me for this month’s EXPOSED article. Special nod to Dylan who just happened to be the guy at Tribeza to answer my random phone calls, was incredibly helpful, and consequently is my new on-the-ground contact best friend over there. And finally, I can’t say enough about photographer Jay B Sauceda who made the photoshoot very laidback and easy breezy.

Check out Sauceda’s very cool site with images of small town painted signs (some of which are on the TWS race route to boot!) and some delicious photos of dive bars such as Ginny’s Little Longhorn. Be still my heart…

gonzales ginnys

And to bring the whole thing full circle? This photog is no stranger to the flyrod. Here’s a great shot of him in West Yellowstone last year:


Many Thanks to the entire Tribeza team for putting together a red hot issue that features people getting active and getting out in it.

And PS…Hey Mack, what’s next for us compadre? Where do we go from here?

Go Heels. Hook ‘Em Horns. Go Team Paddlefish.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Following Mack Brown Around for the Better Part of Four Decades

  1. You and Mack…who knew!? Great article and picture. Loretta Lynn called…she’s mad that you didn’t invite her to the dinner party.

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