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It’s been an interesting and chaotic few weeks. I am writing to you on my phone from the minneapolis airport so bear with me as I share the cliff note version of the recent roller coaster.

Fifteen days ago we were geared up and ready for the texas water safari to take off. My dining room was buried in supplies and Clif Shot Bloks, we had a lot to do but were chomping at the bit to get the race underway

Unfortunately Mother Nature blocked our shot.

Extreme flash floods spiked on the Guadalupe River forcing the water safari board to postpone the race which has only happened two other times in the 47 year history of the race. The race was delayed one month, the new start date: July 10th

Trigger chaos mode. That is the day Little Chick gets out of camp. What to do about family travel schedules. My three week fishing trip in montana was blown to bits including my girls trip and the Professor’s MT birthday celebration

But the news got worse. Tosh had a major family trip planned in July and would not be able to serve as team captain– a critical and difficult role

That’s not all…

Banning announced he has a work trip conflict in july and would not be able to race


I promptly began eating my way through the race snack food that was piled on the dining room floor. Let’s just say there are significantly fewer Clif cookies and cream body builder bars than there were two weeks ago.

By the way, the margarita flavored Clif shot bloks do not ease pain the same way ‘traditional rocks no salt’ gets the job done

I will spare you the agonizing detail of the emotional roller coaster but I will tell you I became borderline crazed in my determination to get back in this race.

Long long long story short…a miracle happened and I was able to find another race partner.

Phil Meyer is an experienced whitewater paddler and racer who has done the Safari and for reasons unknown to me that we are no longer going to question for fear he might wise up…he has agreed to take me on as a partner despite my true novice capabilities.

Phil wasn’t interested in paddling the aluminum beast so I am madly learning to paddle a carbon tandem safari race boat. Yikes! It’s pretty fun–i actually get to steer with a rudder.

While I am trying to up my paddling skills (hello draw stroke which needs work) Phil is madly patching up the boat and getting the rudder system tweaked.

We have two+ weeks to train, put together the boat, the gear and get Team Paddlefish v 2.0 to the starting line. We have been hard at work for over a week.

And now? Furlow. Sanity. Recharge. I am headed to MT for 3 days of fishing before we start to seal a meal our clif bars and apply Desitin to our nether regions

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Cheers for now…

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  1. flyfishingfireman says:

    I hope you find some fun water to fish. Our rivers are high due a wet June. Good luck in the Safari. Remember its not how you finish, but how you get there!

  2. Thanks for the kind note. I am just so happy to be out here and enjoy the gorgeous view through the kitchen window this morning! High waters or not it will be a lovely visit. We are going to fish the Big Hole today….cheers!

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