It is all downstream from here

image456294742.jpg100 miles to Seadrift after team paddlefish checked in at 1035 pm tonight at the Cuero 236 checkpoint.
Brutal 96 degree heat coupled with some night time hallucinations has made it a long day for team paddlefish.
They are holding up well and are on the way to Victoria!
Here is a picture from the Hochheim checkpoint.

4 Responses to “It is all downstream from here”
  1. priscilla says:

    Holy Murky Waters, Batman! I am glad they are still getting it done!!!

  2. topper says:

    Looks more like, Hallucinations Checkpoint.
    Be strong!

  3. Carol says:

    So proud of you guys! Go Team Paddlefish, GO!!!

  4. Morgan says:

    Watch out for the alligators–I’ve heard they make the hallucinations much, much worse. And wave when you’re passing The Sand Hill–12 miles south of Victoria.

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