12 thoughts on “FFC finished the TWS!

  1. Way to go! I saw you on the live web cam!!!! I cant believe you could stand up. I Cannot wait to hear all about it! I also saw Little Chick. What an accomplishment…you said you would do it and you did it!!!!!

  2. Never a doubt! Go! Chick Go! Congratulations on the whole experience…training, rescheduling and finishing is amazing time!

  3. You are RADD! That was a most amazing showing of mental and physical strength. I compare it to the great sporting events.

  4. Way to go Christine! You have major dedication and determination. We are all so proud of you! Great job and congratulations. What is next – K2 or Everest?

  5. Congratulations on accomplishing an incrediable journey. I enjoyed following your trip on each of the sites. What a workout.

  6. so proud of you, this is a great example for you baby girl to remember and cherish one day

  7. I cannot imagine having accomplished anything so physically demanding and grueling when I was your age — or ever! You must be justifiably proud of yourself for such a splendid accomplishment. It will be a great chapter in your book! Hope that the poison ivy clears up — fast.

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