Just a Typical Day in Craig Montana…

My friend LG has filmed a marketing video for our friends at The Trout Shop in Craig MT and they were kind enough to ask me to record the voiceover for the video. I was happy to help, although with everyone’s fishing schedules, we have had trouble the past few days trying to find a time to get it done.

Two days ago I rowed my mom and Little Chick on a 7-mile float in a heavy headwind. After being in the narrow, long Safari race boat the Clacka felt like a battleship! I couldn’t get over how wide it seemed. Rowing in the wind with very few fish wasn’t exactly the ideal way to recover post safari. I was still a little beat.

Meanwhile LG was wrapping up a 32-day stretch with some good clients. So we couldn’t seem to schedule the voiceover.

Finally we confirmed a time: 1pm yesterday at the Trout Shop. Perfect. Only problem? We couldn’t find a quiet place to record. The shop was bustling and there is a bell in the back office that goes off every time a customer comes through the front door.

Hmmm, what to do? What to do?


You got it. The quietest spot in the whole town of Craig was the Trout Shop bathroom. They were able to cut the music on the bathroom speakers so LG set me up with the fancy mic and camera equipment and I recorded the voiceover for the video in a quick fifteen minutes.

P7210149 P7210148

It’s a glamorous life I lead to be sure…I image James Earle Jones negotiates a better deal for his voiceover work.

But I did score a bottle of leftover Pinot Grigio that LG’s clients had left him.


We were done in plenty of time for me to meet up with my friend Brandon of PRO Outfitters – we were doing a late afternoon/evening float. We ended up getting on the water around 3pm and had a feeling things were going to light up. The wind finally calmed down, and a bit of cloud cover helped the cause.

Finally! After a long summer of high cfs and water safari delays and an extended nymphing season….dry fly action. Big time. It was the essence of the Missouri…rising fish, picky fish, small CDC dry flies that were hard to see and even harder to keep afloat, small trailer flies that were impossible to see. Long drifts (some more drag-free than others!), great takes, big eats.

After fighting 20,000 cfs these Missouri trout are strong! Even the fourteen inch football rainbows put up a dramatic fight. It was beyond fun. They were also skiddish. We saw a ton of fish eating on top but one or two casts would put them down, which added to the fun. Although we did find two or three resilient pods that allowed me to trick more than one fish.

I missed eats, I broke a few big ones off. I boated a few good ones.



It was a picture perfect evening float. I love this river.

14 Responses to “Just a Typical Day in Craig Montana…”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    Hmmm…the fish of the moment. The Missouri brown. Very nice!

  2. Tosh says:

    Your stock continues to rise, Chick. I’m glad I bought in back when you were undervalued.

  3. Pato says:

    Great Fish. Hard to belive last week in Texas you were grinding to go faster than the current and now in Montana you’re straining to drift slower than the current.

  4. John M says:

    Great fish pictures and post. I also like the details about finding a ‘quiet’ place to record.

  5. Ritchie the Pelican says:


    Love this post, Tine. Everything about it.

  6. They did give you a place to sit while getting the job done.

    We met Randall, but didn’t get a chance to fish with him yet. Looking forward to it the next time he is here. Mic

  7. Dmitry says:

    Nice photos :) 5+

  8. Fisherman says:

    Good photos!!!

    ?ery beautiful nature.
    I envy you

  9. I like your pictures taken while you are fishing! they are good!

  10. Studentter says:

    Nice weather,
    good fish,
    beautiful human!


  11. Great fish. The brown is my favorite trout.

  12. Liked your story as well.

    Trout Fishing Revelations

  13. Youngki Min says:

    Hello, thank you for your sharing stories. Not only stories, this blog helped me to have extra assurance about the fly shop you mentioned above, the Trout shop. Before I read this blog, I ordered a couple of stuffs from the shop from Montana but wondered their reliability since I never saw their faces nor heard about the shop. Last night I read this blog and had peace in my mind. The people of the Trout shop were really nice. I mentioned your blog moniker,”Fly Fishing Chick” this morning, and they told me that you are their customer. What a small world!
    I told them that although I do not know their faces I know how their bathroom looks like.



    from Dallas, TX

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