Home Sweet Home Waters

I finished the Texas Water Safari on Tuesday July 13th. By the following Sunday, hands still swollen, I scooped up Little Chick and made a beeline for Montana and the Missouri River. Football players win the Super Bowl and head to Disneyland…I head to the Mo.

Don’t get me wrong, after months of training and enduring the race itself, the San Marcos and Guadalupe rivers have an indelible place on my heart. As do other trout streams such as the Big Hole, the Beaverhead and the Blackfoot. But there is no getting around one plain and simple fact: The Missouri River is my home water.

I don’t know why. I didn’t set out to make it happen that way. I live in a state several states away. I know dozens upon dozens of people who fish the river infinitely better than I do. Many other streams and tides have captured my heart, but when it comes to fishing, the Missouri is my soul.

Curious, no? Is it the people I have come to know through the years? Is it the style of fishing? The fish I’ve caught? Memories with family and friends?

It begs the question: What defines ‘home waters’?

I will have to answer my own question with some pictures from this past July:

359 373 DSCN1224 DSCN1227 P7270203 P7270205  P7280225 rainbow

And here’s a little music to enjoy while you ponder this question, “What is your home water?”

Of course I also really love the Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty version of this tune but had to go with John Denver since we are, after all, talking about trout stream and the Rockies.

Okay, that’s not true, Project Playlist didn’t have the Loretta & Conway version. But this one is pretty good. It captures the mood. Because I can tell you it felt damn good to be back on the Missouri again this summer.

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10 Responses to “Home Sweet Home Waters”
  1. Mark Perryman says:

    Alright FFC – are you the hot blonde, the hot brunette, or both.

    Spent 6 years in Del Rio and San Antonio – the Guadalupe and San Marcos are old friends. Spent another 6 in Idaho – so the South, North and Middle Fork of the Boise are old friends. So are the Big and Little Wood, the Snake, the Salmon and of course Spring Creek.

    So what say you???

  2. The Upper Missouri is one of our favorite waters as well.
    Where do you fly in?
    We usually drive from CO/WY or fly to Bozeman.
    Enjoy your blog!
    The Upper North Platte in Wyoming is our home water!
    Great freestone river!

  3. Benn reading your blog for awhile now. i have never commented on someone’s blog so I’ll probably screw this up and do something wrong.

    After reading you entry on the Tarheels football game I thought”Silly Girl” everybody knows the Tarheels are a basketball school not a football school.But since you live in Texas a person can understand the mistake.

    Home waters to me are waters you know intimately. Where you can fish yourself without a guide. I live in southern California and fish a small stream so well I know the fish by name. Haven’t got to visit for a while since the last trip we ran into two hispanic guys (unusual) without fishing rods (but had pruning shears). We figured it was better to let them harvest, then we’ll come back and see how our fish friends; Henry, Gail, Sue, Bob and the others are doing.

  4. Lee Coleman says:

    For me, Home waters are those on your home town where you might grew up or learned to fish/swim so that you know the area, the weather, the species, and the ponds. In these zones, you could be able to fish with no guides at all. For instance in my case, my Home waters would be far from where I am know, right now I recently moved here to North Georgia and found this fly fishing Cartersville company (I thought it would be smart to drop a link by so that you could check the site), so I had to go to them in search of a guide or so because I had never been to this waters.

  5. Alright FFC – are you the hot blonde, the hot brunette, or both

    So what say you

    Brunette on a daily basis. Blonde when in New Orleans.

  6. love hearing about yall’s home waters

    I can’t help but have the Jimmy Cliff melody in my head when I think, “Many Rivers to FISH…..”

  7. Ian Scott says:

    That’s a good question! Is it possible to have more than one home? I’d have to say that the Grand River here in Ontario is where I’ve done the most fly fishing over the past decade, but I guess I tend to move around a bit.

    The Saugeen is one of my favorites, but at the moment, it’s just a bit too far to go (1.5 hours) especially when there is so much other good water close to home…. like the Grand, the Credit River, and lately enjoying some awesome stillwater fly fishing for rainbow trout. Heck, even caught a few catfish on the fly which was a hoot.

  8. Mark Kreider says:

    My home waters are along the North Fork of Long Island in the salt. Long Island Sound, Peconic Bay, around Plum Island and Gardiners Island. Nice striped bass migration last couple of weeks.

  9. I’m not really a fan of fishing. I really prefer meat but the sport itself sounds very interesting. Always wanted to try it but never found the time. Have you got any tips for a first timer?

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