A Pinch Of Salt

Hoping to get lucky with the redfish this weekend, the Professor and I threw our 8-weights over our left shoulders right into the truck and dashed over to the Pascagoula Marsh for a few hours of saltwater fishing.


We didn’t have a ton of time because we had to get home to catch the second halves of the Alabama/South Carolina and the Carolina/Clemson games. It was a gorgeous day as the Professor poled me around the cuts and creeks. We saw about half a dozen redfish, but couldn’t get one on the fly. The only eat I had was this big ole crab who ate my shrimp pattern.


I will say, the closer I reeled it in, the more those pinchers were daunting!

DSC_0142  DSC_0144

The Professor was cool as a cucumber reaching for his pliers, that is until I swung the crab over the boat. The crab released his grip on the shrimp and fell right into the bottom of the boat, scattering about pinching at everything. In his very Professor-like tone he simply said, “Well, that’s no good.”


DSC_0148  DSC_0149

Note to self: Keep The Crab and His Wiley Pinchers Over The Water, Not The Boat.

But the Professor scooped him up quickly with the net and all was well.

As a part of our pilgrimage to the Pascagoula Marsh we topped off the saltwater outing with a stop at Papa Rock’s for their off-the-charts hot dogs. This convenience store, which is nestled among gorgeous oak trees, sells 500-600 hot dogs a day! With a steamed bun and fresh toppings like sauerkraut, chili, Tabasco and jalapenos, it’s no wonder the line is nearly out the door for their dogs.

DSC_0157  DSC_0162 DSC_0154  DSC_0156  

After a tasty lunch of beer and hot dogs, we drove our sodium-filled bellies home to watch a little college football. Even though we didn’t catch any reds, we felt pretty darn lucky. Just a perfect Saturday in the south…

DSC_0163  DSC_0167

10 Responses to “A Pinch Of Salt”
  1. Tosh says:

    So you apparently witnessed two slack tides on Saturday: one in the marsh, and the other on the football field…(wink, wink, nod, nod).

    Of course I have little to jab about since the Longhorns have also gone down like rats on a burning ship.

    Dig the crab shots.

  2. now that’s funny. two slack tides…

    yeah, what in the world with the longhorns and alabama? THANK HEAVENS the tarheels are hanging in there!

    ps….I haven’t taken the new camera off the AUTO setting yet (nor have I had a nanosecond to read the manual) but I really think the pictures are already SO MUCH better with the new camera. loving it…

  3. Love your truck! The hot dogs look great…

  4. oh that’s not our truck. just a passionate saints fan that passed us on the road. loved their camo fleur de lis. and of course the subtle REDNECK on the back…

  5. Alabama flygirl says:

    Kickin’ hot dogs + beer in a brown paper bag…doesn’t get much better than that!

  6. Owl Jones says:

    What a great blog post! I think the Tide will get themselves back together. As a UGA fan, I’d like to think othewise though – but I don’t. I think Bama will fight it’s way back into contention for the National Title.

    That blue crab is a bit of a brute! Pretty to look at though – speaking of that, do you mind sharing what new camera you are using? I dropped mine in the drink last spring and I’m not at all happy with the little $100 Canon point-n-shoot I picked up as a replacement. Your pics look terrific to me!

  7. Dan H. says:

    I have followed your aggravation in that area (I fish there too) and I can just about promise you a couple redfish. Have the Professor send me an email and I will hand him the keys to the castle so the next post from there has a few reds in it.

  8. owl jones — the camera is a nikon D3000. I am loving it.

    enjoy a big day of college football! I’ve got carolina against uva. and have to see if texas can eek it our against nebraska and alabama can rebound. I have some good friends who are avid GA fans that are suffering through this hard time with you!

  9. Hey thanks Dan H! we will take all the intel we can get. Professor heading back over there today. we’ll see the report…

  10. Susan Noone says:

    Hot dogs and fishing are truly two of life’s great pleasures.

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