Mellow Yellow

DSC_0289 Sorry I haven’t had a chance to finish the updates on our recent Montana trip. My computer staged a non-violent sit-in to protest overuse, but then proceeded to experience full on cardiac arrest last week. It was finally carried away on a stretcher yesterday and after a few rounds with the paddles, it is now alive and in working condition.

Whew. That was four days of anxiety.

To diffuse the computer-blood-pressure blues, I am going to transport myself back to the Big Hole where we managed to coordinate our trip at the peak of the autumn colors. Namely, yellow. The trees were an extraordinary, electric shade of yellow. It was a lovely backdrop for throwing streamers and catching fishes…




Ahhh, now that is mellow. Om….Om….Om….

2 Responses to “Mellow Yellow”
  1. ArlingtonGreg says:

    Quite rightly.

    First, I thought of the Donovan song, which is where I think you were aiming ( But then my memory kicked in on the soft drink (, which, for better or worse, is more my generation.

  2. Fish360 says:

    Hi FFC,

    Beautiful fish!

    The pictures are so clear, they “jump” out of the page.

    I feel your pain the computer. I had a similar experience a while back with Vista. I then upgraded to Fedora Linux and have never had an issue. ;-) .

    Tight lines,

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