To Wind or Unwind, That Is The Question

It was the last day of our recent Montana trip and we found ourselves in an uncharacteristic debacle. Should we fish or not? We’d already had some great days on the Beaverhead and Big Hole and that last day was cloudy (great streamer fishing) and chilly (great streamer fishing) and super windy (ugh). The wind was killing us.

To wind or to unwind? Hmm….hmmm….hmmm…lazy…last day to fish…lazy….last day to fish. What to do?

Truthfully we were already fairly whipped and didn’t want to battle the gale force winds so we decided not to fish. But then we walked around the living room in circles for awhile trying to figure out what normal people do with an entirely free day on vacation.

Surprisingly enough, we got the hand of a breezy vacation day pretty quickly. We took a leisurely Sunday drive past the Ruby over to the Madison.


We found ourselves at the Bear Claw Bar & Grill and raced indoors to avoid the chill, nestled in at the bar with beer and football and consumed massive burgers with piles of fries.


Trading trout for red meat was the right call on this blustery day. It was a good way to unwind.

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  1. Rex Daniels says:

    It’s refreshing to read a few blog entries from a true trout fishing/outdoor enthusiast who is willing to share their trips, tips and insights. From fishing the West to college football all the things I love and am passionate about.

    You’ve got a new fan, and blog follower!


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