I Was Hot On The Rabbit Trail But Lost My Scent

I was was intently searching my computer hunting for a superb fishing video of Little Chick catching trout on the Blackfoot this summer when I was thoroughly knocked off track by countless random photos I came across in what can only be described as a mysterious filing system I once created.

Little Chick’s fishing story is so good that it deserves to be told when I have my wits about me. So in the meantime here is a random peek behind the curtain of photos I love and that I save, but haven’t a clue what to do with. I really can’t explain any of these – well, I could but what’s the fun in that?

gus03 birdhunt

beer can pink


chicken IMG_0679

IMG_0674 IMG_2125

iphone pix 056 iphone pix 275

striped socks copy trio picnic copy

iphone pix 902 squirrel deer

8 Responses to “I Was Hot On The Rabbit Trail But Lost My Scent”
  1. pato says:

    Gus, Fritz, Willie. Free-ranging sharps & cooped up roosters. Frying Pan to the Smith. Great journey and not finished.

  2. that’s right, just getting started! 33 was the winning number in that round of Chicken-Shit-bingo at Ginny’s Little Longhorn. The squirrel is eating a deer skull on my back deck. And for the record, that is my hand in the Willie pic backstage at The South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset Massachusetts. I don’t know if I’m giving him a hook em horns or aiming for a high five but I did get flesh-connecting high-five eventually. God Bless Willie

  3. Gus, Fritz, Willie.Free-ranging sharps & cooped up roosters.Frying Pan to the Smith.Great journey and not finished.  

    These are awesome. I love the flashback pic having a picnic streamside… and Pato is having a smoke. Plus FFC getting all stealth assassin on a red onion.

    Just for the record: any time you get 2 crockpots in one photo, you win.

  4. Tosh says:


    This kinda reminds me of Raymond Babbitt’s photo collection that accompanied the rolling credits at the end of Rain Man.

  5. I am definitely getting after that onion. I’d already cut one that left me weeping and looking for a chemical wash for my eyes. so I resorted to a trick I learned on a girls fishing trip in MT: suck on a wet paper towel while cutting onions. it helps with the tears

    and yes. I [heart] a crockpot meal at a dive bar. always a good time. I hate to break it to you folks but basically if there’s not a crockpot and/or some potluck that involves deviled eggs, your so-called “dive” bar is probably just a sports bar

  6. Fish360 says:

    Nice collection of photos. I like the older photos with the mountains and the “commando” anglers on the boat.

  7. Nice collection of photos. I like the older photos with the mountains and the “commando” anglers on the boat.

  8. I like your photos! Thanks for the post

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