Let Them Eat Trout. Cake.

image1516058992.jpgMy parents hosted a post-wedding celebration for us a few days ago and instead of going with traditional holiday fare for dessert, my mom surprised us with this incredibly life-like trout cake. It was unbelievable.

My dad measured it with a tape measure then challenged the Professor to guess how big the trout was, and I am proud to report he guessed within a quarter of inch.

Anyone care to guess how big this fish catch– I mean cake –is??

I can’t spoil the fun by giving away the answer too quickly but I can tell you the inside was chocolate and tasted DELICIOUS. This fish had me gripping and grinnin’…a fork!

Hope everyone had a very merry holiday and is gearing up for 2011. Cheers!!

4 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Trout. Cake.

  1. WOW! Missed your wedding blog. Many Congrats! Now, about the cake. It’s obviously big. And since all fishermen are liars [thanks Linda Greenlaw] let’s just call it a responsible 600 calories per slice. Because it’s a hatchery fish, you can keep it. Extrapolating backwards to the probable size of your wedding party, and keeping in mind stories of loaves (and their fishermen sources…)I make it to be a world record.

    World Records are the biggest. And Best. And who’d believe anything a fisherman said anyhow?

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