I Probably Needed Beer Goggles For This Instead of Trout Goggles.

I have trout on the brain these days. Perhaps it’s because like many of you, I am in the dead center of the winter trout-fishing black hole. The furthest point on the calendar from when I will be on a trout stream in Montana.

Of course I am surrounded by Texas Hill Country trout and bass fishing so there’s hope and we’re gearing up. The Professor was fixing up his gear and contacted SIMMS to get the band on his waders fixed, it lost its elastic. Actually mine has too, the strap just falls and lives as far off my shoulder as a cut-up sweatshirt in Flashdance.

The Professor’s tip to prevent this problem: Don’t hang your waders by the straps. Instead, hook the short buckle ends together and hang them from that new little loop that won’t stretch out.

But I digress. With my rose, rainbow and brown-trout colored glasses on, I have apparently lost the ability to read. And spell.

We were walking down the street this weekend, past a dive bar called Trophy’s. I doubt the name has anything to do with trophy trout. And despite the blue ribbon on the sign, I don’t think they discuss blue ribbon trout streams.

trophys door stickers

But their door is stickered up like a guide’s Yeti cooler so when I saw what I believed to be a SIMMS sticker I shouted out, “Look! They’re fisherman!”

Except of course the sticker was missing a second “M”.

trophys stickers closer


Reminds me of the time in high school I bought a Chanel tshirt off the street in Europe. It took me weeks to notice there was an extra “N” on my shirt. Yeah, the real thing is spelled with only one N.

chanel t

Anyhow, this one-m’d SIMS is the Services Invested in Musician Support, a worthwhile non-profit that helps Austin musicians with mental health and addiction recovery.

SIMS web

Clearly an admirable organization, I’m with the band 100%! Am happy these SIMS people are out there helping the people that bring us good live music. But of course one could argue that the guys at SIMMS who fix the leaks in waders are providing invaluable mental health recovery as well.

Either way, both good groups that deserve sticker space on bar doors and cooler lids alike.

10 Responses to “I Probably Needed Beer Goggles For This Instead of Trout Goggles.”
  1. TRUTH says:

    You’re an idiot, and you’re old. Quit writing your stupid blog.

  2. Mark Grimes says:

    This is such an amazing entry and I love to read more of it so that I will be able to look over and have it as an inspiration for further articles to write about when it comes to updates on fly fishing stuffs and it’s pros and cons too. I do hope you will get to visit our official website and let us know what you think about it. Here is the link

    Thanks ahead and happy holidays to you and the rest
    of your family. :)

  3. Mike Herron says:

    Hi Christine I know what you mean this time of year is terrible for trout fishermen and woman. But I use this time of year to prep for the ice breaking and the fun to begin. It is fun to clean everything up, strech and clean your fly line and most of all tie. There are plenty of things to do getting ready for the upcoming year. Pour yourself a beverage sit down at your bench and put a fishing movie in and get busy. Also there are fishing expos in almost every city in the country in January and February. Oh an last but not least plan your trips now make reservations for guides, hotels and air travel. It is always cheaper to plan ahead. So don’t let winter get you down.
    By the way Truth I’m fairly certain your an idiot that sits around infront of his over priced PC and has never spent a day on a blue ribbon trout stream. Who’s goal in life is to make yourself look cool and everyone else to look stupid. Chick write on we love your stories about fishing and family. Oh and most of all a life style and life we love……….. Happy New Year Mike

  4. Thanks a million Mike! always appreciate your kind, informative comments. Happy New Year!

    TRUTH — sorry you don’t care for the blog. It’s certainly not meant to appeal to everyone. Perhaps you should try the Drake Message Board, you might enjoy that better. Sticks and stones, no hard feelings on this end!

    That said, don’t let the doorknob hit ya…

    Cheers all! Hope 2011 is going well for everyone

  5. Judith says:

    Hi Christie,
    A friend recently gave me your blog site
    I love it and please keep it up.
    I only dream of fishing in the places you visit-(I do not live in the USA) I love the photos etc.
    I do not know women who flyfish and this is wonderful for me

  6. Judith — thank you so much for your comment! Please drop in and comment as much as you like. fishing women need to stick together! cheers~

  7. TroutNoDoubt says:

    You need to come to California (or at least NorCal) where the fishing opportunites never end. Right now we have stipers in the Delta and Steelies in the north coast rivers. The central valley reservoirs should be fishing good now as well. Bass fishing will pick up in March, the trout season opens in late April, shad come in late May/June. The Lower Sac always has at least decent action for fat, football-shaped trout; and I haven’t even touched the surf action…

  8. JEG says:

    You’re an idiot, and you’re old. Quit writing your stupid blog.  

    TRUTH – what’s with the unsolicited pre-pubescent angst?! Life’s too short, pal.

    FFC – Congrats on the blog. I, for one, enjoy reading things from someone who shares a common interest.

  9. I know how you feel
    This time of the year is bad because i have the need to fly fish. All i can do is some ice fishing. So I feed my fly fishing need by working on my website when i can http://www.outdoorflyfishing.com But i enjoy you funny posts. I also know i’m not the only one who cant wait to fly fish when the ice is gone.

  10. JEG–thanks a million! I agree. fun to banter about fishing exploits, failures, success, distractions…

    Mark–ICE fishing. wow. have never tried that, would kinda like to! the phrase “auger the hole” just makes me laugh hysterically…

    hang tough through the cold winter friends…

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