Don’t Stop Beliezing

P1150658 As you may recall I went to Belize last month with a group of college girlfriends to collectively celebrate our 40th birthdays. I have been dying to give you all a detailed fishing report of my two days chasing bonefish but life has me going a thousand directions. Mommy-mode, wife-mode, and of course…working on writing my book about the Water Safari!

So in a nutshell, fishing in Belize….thrilled I went, George Bradley is the nicest, hardest working guide on the planet, low water this time of year, unfortunate cold snap, cloudy skies, wind, wind wind. Tough conditions. Smaller fish than Bahamas but not easier to catch.


All sight casting, tails tails tails tails. Thousands and gazillions of bonefish tails. Saw a massive snook, no shot. Spooky spooky spooky bones. Shallow water. Damn wind. But managed to catch 3 on first day, 8 on the second day. Loved it.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a saltwater trip for me without…wait for it….a slideshow.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Beliezing

  1. It all helped warm my winter frozen heart a little…especially your excited and beautiful smiles….thank you!! Tight Lines!!….Jeff

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  4. thanks Jake! I remembered that Jerry Jeff had done some songs about Belize, a quick search on itunes and I found this one. It was too perfect. According to my guide George, Jerry Jeff was actually in Belize when we were…but I didn’t see him.

  5. I appreciate the sentiment, music and the fishing. Thanks…keep going. Great adventure, great life. – Dai

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    Thanks ahead :)

  7. Is there any better way to celebrate 40 than reeling in some Bones?! Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate for you, but I am sure it was infinitely better than the being in the States. Slide show was great!

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