It’s a Troutapalooza!

T-SHIRT_TROUTFEST2011-web Our local Trout Unlimited chapter, GRTU, Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited, the largest TU chapter in the country, and all-around over-achievers, have planned a Texas-sized Troutfest this year and you are invited: Feb 18-20.

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Central Texas you do not want to miss the family-friendly activities on the Guadalupe River at Rio Raft. The funds generated by the Banquet and Expo will be used by GRTU to conserve, protect and restore the cold tailwater fishery immediately below the Canyon Dam on the Guadalupe River.

It is such a gem to have this trout stream in the middle of Texas, those of us that know that have a responsibility to protect it, those of us who are new to it need to discover this gift of a resource we have. Seriously people, we can fish for big trout right here in Texas!

If you’ve been with me awhile here on FFC, you may recall my very first blogpost ever was called Lone Star Trout and was about fishing on the Guadalupe with my good friend Banning. That brings back a whole heaping tablespoon of nostlagia right there! Wow, who knew this blog would be alive & kicking over three years later?! Where does the time go…

lonestarposter cbjguad03_thumb

But I digress…

Bottom line? Throw everyone in the family truckster and head out to Troutfest next weekend. There are fly-fishing celebrities, local and national sponsors, great interactive classes for all levels….and food. Details provided in these links:

Three Days of Troutfest

Schedule of Superstars and Events

Banquet and Auction

Fly Fishing Film Tour


My friends who have been working on Troutfest tirelessly for over a year are ready to see you! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to up your fishing game, hob knob with some pretty darn cool fishing personalities, login some solid family-time, and do some good for your local trout stream.


2 Responses to “It’s a Troutapalooza!”
  1. shannon says:

    Must have just missed you at Troutfest! Heck of a crowd Saturday. Kind of strange to have folks knowing me (through my site), and me not knowing them though. The GRTU guys did put some honkin’ big rainbows in that water.

  2. sadly I was in alabama during troutfest. I heard it was a red hot success!

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